Breaking: Gordon Brown to Resign as Labour Leader

The election drama in Britain takes a new twist (via the Independent):

Gordon Brown announced tonight he was quitting as Labour leader as he

revealed that Nick Clegg had requested formal talks with his party

over a

future government.

Mr Brown said he was asking the Labour Party to call a leadership

election in

which he would play no part.

This is enormously positive news for Labour as the party is in dire need of a complete shake up. Brown, thankfully, has finally acknowledged this:

The Prime Minister said: “The reason that we have a hung parliament is

that no single party and no single leader was able to win the full


of the country.

“As leader of my party

I must accept that as a judgment on me. I

therefore intend to ask the Labour Party to set in train the processes

needed for its own leadership election.

“I would hope that it would be completed in time for the new leader to


in post by the time of the Labour Party conference.

“I will play no part in that contest, I will back no individual


This makes the prospect of a Liberal Democrat/Labour pact significantly more likely given Cleggs previous statement that he would be willing to work with Labour, but not Brown.

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