Ageless Girl Could Provide Answers to Longevity

A bizarre and unfortunate case could provide some answers to the age old question: Is eternal life possible? From the Times:

Scientists are hoping to gain new insights into the mysteries of ageing


sequencing the genome of a 17-year-old girl who has the body and


of a tiny toddler.

Brooke Greenberg is old enough to drive a car and next year will be old


to vote — but at 16lb in weight and just 30in tall, she is still the

size of

a one-year-old.

Until recently she had been regarded as a medical oddity but a


study of her DNA has suggested her failure to grow could be linked to

defects in the genes that make the rest of humanity grow old.

If confirmed, the research could give scientists a fresh understanding


ageing and even suggest new therapies for diseases linked to old age.

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