The Israeli Apartheid

Just take a look at this map Andrew Sullivan posted on his blog and decide for yourself whether Israel is intent on destroying what is left of Palestine:

Sullivan now seems to see what everyone else outside of the US has known for many years – that there is an apartheid regime in Israel:

I cannot read Netanyahu’s mind. But I can observe Israel’s actions.

They intend to occupy and colonize the entire West Bank for ever. They

may allow some parceled enclaves for Palestinians, but they will

maintain a big military presence on the Eastern border of West Bank,

and they will sustain this with raw military power and force. I

certainly cannot see any other rationale for their actions these past

few years that makes any sense at all. Many Israeli politicians now use

the term “apartheid” for this future.

Israel sympathizer point to self defense as a justification for stealing land, but territorial acquisition through war is explicitly condemned under international law. Also, Palestinians view the creation of Israel as an act of aggression against them (as would any indigenous people if a nation state was created on their land), so it isn’t exactly clear who began the conflict.

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