Public Option May Still Pass

Some interesting and potentially excellent news from Greg Sargant:

Senator Bernie Sanders,

in a brief interview in the Capitol just now, confirmed to me that he’s

willing to commit to introducing an amendment that would add the public

option to the Senate bill’s reconciliation fix.

This is

important, because as far fetched as this seems, if this amendment is

introduced, a vote on it would be very hard for the Senate Dem

leadership to block. The only thing that could stop it from happening, according

to Senate expert Robert Dove, is for the parliamentarian to rule that

it’s not germane to the Senate bill somehow — something that seems


“I think somebody should do that, and I’d certainly be

prepared to do that,” Sanders told me when I asked him if he’d be

willing to commit to introducing a public option amendment. This is, in

effect, a commitment to introduce the amendment if no one else does.

Bob Cesca has a more thorough round up here.

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