Florida Doctor Treats Patients Who Cannot Pay

CNN profiles Dr Pedro Greer, a Florida based doctor unable to comprehend a system of healthcare than denies treatment to those who cannot pay:

He’s a gastroenterologist on a humanitarian quest to provide health

care to those who don’t have the money to pay him — the homeless, the

poor and immigrants. It’s a trip that has taken Dr. Pedro Jose “Joe”

Greer under highways and bridges, to homeless shelters, and even to the

White House.

“I don’t know when it became socially acceptable in our country to refuse a patient because they have no funds,” he told CNN.

“It goes against all the ethics and morals that we know,” he said.


this commitment that earned Greer a 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom,

for his 25 years of dedication, at a White House ceremony with

President Obama.

“On one hand I’m extremely honored, and on the

other hand, it’s sort of a funny society for being rewarded for what

you’re supposed to do,” he said.

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