Walter Cronkite’s Secret Thoughts on the Bush Doctrine

by Ben Cohen

Reese Erlich conducted a fascinating interview with Walter Cronkite before the invasion of Iraq, and the legendary news anchor was not shy about his opposition to the ‘Bush Doctrine’:

Looking back at the transcript seven years later, Walter’s views proved quite prescient. Here’s some of what he told me.

“President George Bush recently announced

a new doctrine that gives the U.S. the right to take unilateral

militarily action against any country or group that threatens our

national interests. I think it is about as a dangerous foreign policy

as a nation could adopt. It violates international law and the whole

theory—and hopes—that world peace rests with the United Nations. It

would destroy the United Nations. Why should Washington be so

peremptory? Presumably, we don’t assign this same right to any other

nation. I assume this policy is limited to the United States. How does

that set with the rest of the world? It is aggressive and dangerously


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