Through the Looking Glass

By David Glenn Cox

The only thing we know for sure in Iran is that we know nothing for

sure. The United States, through the CIA, has pursued an ongoing,

clandestine war against the people of Iran for the last six years.

Opposition groups have been funded; covert military strikes carried out

until we cannot tell fact from fiction or the Mad Hatter from Alice.


good news is ignored, and the bad is used to fan the flames of hatred

and extremism. The Iranian government has supported millions of

refugees from America’s war in Iraq. They’ve fed them, housed them and

offered them medical treatment. Not under the auspices of the UN or the

international Red Cross, but under the auspices of the government of

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

These same Iraqis are the sons and

daughters of the army and air force, which once invaded Iran with US

covert support. Yet the Iranian government and populace is able to put

that behind them and offer assistance to their former enemies.


since the days of Gamal Nasser, the quickest route to Pan-Arab acclaim

has been for a Middle East leader to wag his finger at Israel. Nasser

did it, Saddat did it, Saddam did it and Ahmadinejad does it. It is not

much different from America’s own Presidents touting their tough stand

on communism; it is meaningless propaganda designed for domestic


The US has had Iran in its cross hairs since the

days of the Iranian revolution and the taking of US hostages. The US

had supported Saddam with weapons and intelligence, even chemical

weapons, in the long bitter war against Iran, a war which Iraq started

with US acquiescence. Meanwhile, while thousands of Iranians marched in

the streets chanting, “Death to Americans,” its leaders were being

enticed by American agents to set up the Iranian arms-for-hostages

exchange. Over 500 TOW missiles and 4,000 other missiles were supplied

to Iran through Israel and we wonder why they call us the great Satan?

We help to foment a war, then we broker arms to both sides.


1987 when two Iraqi Exocet missiles struck the USS Stark killing 37

sailors, the US government immediately condemned Iran. Of course we

knew better, but we couldn’t let those sailors die in a friendly fire

accident, so we blamed it on our enemies. Just as the US blamed Iran

for the IED’s killing US servicemen in Iraq, because it was believed

that the devices were coming from Iran due to their workmanship. Yet

the hypocrisy of the world’s largest arms merchant and occupying

foreign power pointing the finger of guilt at anyone is beyond belief.


US accuses Iran of having aspirations to obtain nuclear weapons and the

Iranians deny it. The Iranians are signatories of the Nuclear

Non-Proliferation Treaty, and under the terms of the treaty they are

lawfully entitled to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. And what’s

more, they are also entitled to international assistance in developing

nuclear power, none of which has been asked for nor provided. The US

instead makes nuclear deals with India, who are not signatories of the

non-proliferation treaty. Under the deal the US would have inspection

rights to two thirds of Indian nuclear facilities, and just for bonus

points guess who gets to choose the facilities to be inspected. (hint,

not us)

Why does Iran need nuclear power? Because its primary

source of hard currency is from its oil exports, exports that are

expected to fall precipitously in the next twenty years. Why does Iran

seek the capacity to enrich uranium? That question answers itself. If

the goal is for electrical self-sufficiency, having to procure nuclear

fuel on the world market leaves Iran with its cojones on the chopping

block. So you see, it is our threats and embargoes and sanctions which

exacerbate the problem. But to the CIA these are the things that make

them smile; the Iranians are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.


could blame Iran if she did want to become a nuclear power, bordered by

a nuclear Pakistan and the US client states of Afghanistan and Iraq,

the unstable Republic of Georgia and the NATO-armed Turkey? It would

seem Iran lives in a dangerous neighborhood, without even mentioning

Russia and China. The hysteria is that somehow a nuclear Iran is a

threat to Israel. It is only a threat to Israel’s nuclear hegemony in

the region, but the idea that if Iran builds a bomb on Monday it will

send it hurting towards Israel on Tuesday is ludicrous.

It is

the worst kept military secret in the world that Israel has a stockpile

of at least 60 to 80 nuclear weapons, as well as a well-trained air

force capable of turning Iran into a glowing cinder. But more than

that, living in this violent, bloody and dangerous corner of the world,

Iran sits by herself doing for herself. She has attacked no one, she

has threatened no one and she has been convicted of nothing. In the

court of public opinion, however, and the fantasy world where big is

small and small is big, oh, there she is considered a threat to peace.


Mousavi is portrayed to the American public as some sort of great

liberator come to strike down the evil Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, straight

out of a Marvel Comic. The Iranian public are seeking social reforms,

not any great break in foreign policy. A Link TV special filmed inside

of Iran showed the Iranian people as being ready for better relations

with the United States; they were overjoyed at the prospect. But to a

person they all agreed that the United States needed to knock off its

covert campaign against Iran and to treat Iran with the respect and

dignity that a sovereign nation deserves.

Did Ahmadinejad steal

the election? Who knows? Did Bush steal the election in 2000? Mr. Obama

was the guest of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo last week

for his lecture on democracy. Mr. Mubarak assumed the office of

President in 1981 and has won every election since in a cakewalk. In

the last election Mr. Mubarak carried 88% of the popular vote. Are the

elections fixed in Egypt? Using the standards applied to Iran it would

appear so; Ahmadinejad carried 63% of the vote.

The only thing

that we know for sure is that we know nothing for sure. The media have

done the opposite of inform. They have propagandized along political,

ethnic and religious lines until it is all just a meaningless jumble. A

hodgepodge of good guys and bad guys and heroes and villains in an old

Western serial shoot ’em up at old Tehran town. The CIA will continue

its work unabated, to demonize and undermine the government in Iran

leaving only one thing for certain, the most dangerous power in the

Middle East is the United States. We should fear where this is going

and look closely at the job the CIA has done in Afghanistan, Iraq,

Georgia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Kurdistan, or we may find ourselves

through the looking glass, unable to understand what is going on around


Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.