A Doctor’s Health Care proposal: Doctors Should Pay Back the Tax Payer

By Ben Cohen

An interesting proposal from a Daily Banter reader on how Doctors who benefit from socialized education can pay back the tax payer:

For full disclosure, for

going on thirteen years now, I have provided psychological services in nursing

homes; most of my reimbursment is Medicare/Medicaid, with perhaps 15% having a

secondary insurance. My reimbursement rate is about 55% of what my

colleagues in traditional private practice make; I still make a good living, and

I love my work. So, here is my proposal to spread the love:

How would it be unfair to ask

health care provider’s whose education has been subsidized by the tax payer, to

pay the tax payer back by being required to provide basic services to Medicare

and Medicade recipients?Why would

that be unfair?(The example is

regarding physicians, but the same argument applies to dentists, psychologists,

clinical social workers, etc.)

Every physician, whether s/he is

a psychiatrist, neurologist, plastic surgeon, gynecologist, gastro-enterologist,

and so on, is trained in providing basic health care.They all know how to do a history and

physical, treat strep, diagnose appendicitis; they all know how to provide basic

heath care.So how could it be

unfair to require every physician trained at a state-based school, wherein the

taxpayer paid for half of their medical education, to carry a case-load of, say

40 Medicare/Medicaid patients for whom they are responsible for providing basic

health care; they would be reimbursed at those rates, and we are talking about

perhaps half a day of service every two weeks.Again, how could this be unfair?

Let us not forget those

physicians whose stipend in residency was paid by the taxpayer; why should they

not also pay the taxpayer back by being required to have a case-load of


And again, this would apply to

all health care providers whose education/internship/residency was afforded or

subsidized by the taxpayer.


argument is they would “lose” money. Well, no, they would merely not make

as much. Those are different. (Took me a long time to understand

that when a business man said he would lose money on the deal that usually meant

he would just not make as much profit.)

So, for

what it is worth.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.