The Coming Struggle, Why Your Guns Won’t Save You

By David Glenn Cox

First let me say that I have owned guns most of my adult life. I’m not

a gun nut or a fanatic with high-powered rifles and semiautomatic

handguns, or a bunker under the house. I owned a shotgun for home

protection and a pistol for personal protection because I worked in a

rough area and had to make cash bank deposits.

I never had to

use either gun but felt safer for knowing that I had them just in case

of emergency. During my divorce my wife told sheriff’s deputies that

she had no knowledge as to where my shotgun was, but quickly handed

over my pistol to them. Yes, the police confiscated my firearms without

any proven charges against me. Six months after the divorce I was able

to go to the police department and reclaim my pistol. My ex was able to

keep possession of her pistol the entire length of our divorce, because

only men are violent.

The sheriff who returned my pistol was

quite affable and friendly throughout the procedure. I guess he had

seen his share of the angry having their guns removed by police power

through court order without charge or conviction. But the important

thing to remember here is that if they are coming to take your guns,

they will take them; end of story.

The right, the far right, the

NRA, white supremacists, neo-nazis, skin heads, the whole bunch cling

to this macho fantasy of freedom-robbing politicians versus the

patriotic Minute Men with the Chuck Heston’s quote ringing in their

ears. “As we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would

take freedom away, I want to say those words again for everyone within

the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr.

Gore: From my cold, dead hands!” The simple truth is, if that’s the way

you want it, that’s the way they’ll give it to you.


lunatic mentality believes that somehow the government is afraid of you

because you own a pump shotgun and a revolver. Maybe you own a lot of

guns and have them buried in a secret location, waiting for the

uprising, but no matter how many guns you have they’ll always have

more. The police and military are just like you. They like playing army

on the weekend, too, and some recalcitrant gun nut just makes for good


Little Powder Springs, where I once made my home, had one

main street and used boys from the high school law enforcement club to

direct traffic at car club meets and festivals on Marietta Street. But

down at the city garage was a black, armored personnel carrier for use

by the town’s black-stocking-masked SWAT Team. Yes, a town averaging

less than one murder a year needed an armored personnel carrier. The

possibility of some gun nut holed up in his house with a personal

arsenal justified the public expense. They feed on your paranoia and

you feed on theirs.

Every time that there is some citizen

movement, be it militia groups or border patrol groups, their leaders

always end up in jail on charges real or fabricated. The famous cases

of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Dividians in Waco prove

the Japanese proverb: the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Their

guns didn’t empower them, they condemned them. Their guns legitimized

government murder; there will be no S.A. in the United States, not now,

not ever. If you wish to start up a well-armed band of mercenaries you

must work inside the government, like Eric Prince of Blackwater, Inc.


efforts are expensive and there must be a way to defray the large costs

and as long as the government knows that you are on their side there

will always be plenty of work. All political movements must, first and

foremost, have the sympathies of the public. The race riots of the

1960’s changed no minds; it was the dogs and firehoses of Birmingham

and bombs in the churches by the white supremacists that changed minds.

The police riot in Chicago in 1968 made middle America question what

was going on in Vietnam. To see riots in the street outside of the

Democratic National Convention with the mayor of Chicago screaming

obscenities inside the convention totally undermined the American body


The Kent State massacre in 1970, where National

Guardsmen fired into a crowd sixty-seven times in thirteen seconds

killing four and wounding nine, changed the mood of the nation. But

what if one shot had been returned by the crowd? What if one national

guardsman had been so much as grazed? Then any and all government

actions become appropriate.

Our economy is shedding over half a

million workers a month; for most the unemployment check will not keep

their heads above water. Unemployment checks will not be forwarded when

they lose their homes to foreclosure. They must reapply, that is, if

they still have a verifiable new address. The children must find new

schools, that is if, like their parents, they have a verifiable

address. The parents must maintain their children’s immunization

records and how can parents without income or address do so? Schools

will be obligated to turn children away from their doors, mandated by

government regulations.

We have lost four million jobs in the

first five months by government statistics, which no one believes are

accurate. We are on track for another three million home foreclosures

this year, and more ominously, retail sales in groceries stores are

beginning to fall. This is a clear sign that dark days are upon us. It

is a statistic that cannot be spun or manipulated; the American people

are running out of money to buy food.

That is why it is

important to remember that your gun will not save you; it can only

paint a target on your back. Your mere presence, in place of firearms,

can change the world far more than a band of armed vigilantes. More

than ever before our industries and services depend on “on demand

inventory.” A day or two of blocked highways or deliveries will bring

the economy to its knees. A few thousand protesters blocking key

highways in half a dozen major cities holds more power than an armed


That would be a peaceful and non-violent demand for

redress of grievances. The government would respond with national

guardsman and mass jailings, but to the millions of unemployed out

there I ask, what else better do you have to do? As I’ve said before,

this isn’t your father’s recession; this is the permanent

deindustrialization of America. Your jobs are not coming back unless

you make it clear to the powers that be that you are willing to put

your body on the line.

Yesterday President Obama again

maintained that that the federal government wouldn’t try to

micro-manage the new GM. “We won’t try to tell them where or when to

open their factories.” Got that? They’re going to China and you and I

are going to hell; we can go alone or we can take them with us. But

guns? Sell your guns and buy your family food; the food will make you

stronger and your guns will make you weaker.

As for me, I gave

my pistol away. I have no more need of it; I have no home or property

to protect anymore. In the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn:


the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open

the heavy curtains which are so dear to you — you do not even suspect

that the day has already dawned outside.”

(photo by annettea3)

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.