Where Do We Go When All Hope is Gone?

By David Glenn Cox

Where do we go when all hope is gone? Where are the answers to be found

when our leaders refuse to seek them? I do not see in Washington either

hope nor change. I do not see the answers; I don’t even see any

questioning for the answers. The Democrats in Congress whined for two

years about all that they would do if only they were in the majority.

So, now there they are, and what do we get?

We get lame

excuses, futile half measures, and right-wing rhetoric balled up as

centrist humanitarianism. Under the Republicans, banks and big business

got all their needs promptly attended to. What is different now? What

has changed? The wars go on and are expanded as the President calls for

government agencies to tighten their belts during the worst economic

times in a century. The Pentagon is, of course, exempted. But even

worse is the total abdication of care for the American people.


W. Bush was publicly pilloried over his failure to provide humanitarian

relief after Hurricane Katrina. One million people were displaced by

the storm and were in need of immediate government assistance. Today,

in the worst economic times in over a century, two million more

families are expected to lose their homes; three million families lost

their homes last year, and the total is rapidly approaching ten million

families! Forty million people out in the street and we don’t even get

a flyover from Air Force One. We’d paint “help” on our rooftops but we

no longer have rooftops. We no longer have jobs; the President’s

stimulus package was expected to, and this was revised, “to create ‘or

save’ three million jobs in next two years.”

Hello! Earth to

Obama, we are losing six hundred thousand jobs a month; your stimulus

program was out of date in January. Instead it is marked completed and

put in the done basket. The administration forced the chairman of GM to

resign and questioned their plans to return to profitability, but just

this week GM announced plans to begin importing Chinese-made

automobiles and the administration nodded their heads in approval!

States with automotive suppliers have been hit especially hard by the

movement of more jobs to China and Mexico. This is beneath contempt;

this is rubbing salt in our wounds, borrowing money from us so you can

buy a gun to kill us.

What was the point of bailing out GM if

there is no benefit to we, the people, but only to we, the

stockholders? If we are just going to continue to hemorrhage jobs why

should we, as a nation, subsidize it? There is a major global

disconnect out there. I have heard all the arguments about free trade

and the global economy. But the economy is not global. It is the US

being screwed globally so that the capitalists can profit from cheap

labor. In Germany the docks are full of BMW’s, Mercedes, Volkswagons

and Porsches ready for export; Germany is not importing cheap cars from

Korea or China. Of course they could be made less expensively in Asia,

but the German government is looking out for the German people. Germany

exports $1.53 trillion and imports $1.2 trillion in products, but of

all that trade her eight largest trading partners all have like

economies and wage scales.

Only 6% of Germany’s imports come

from China. Japan and Korea didn’t even make the list. In the United

States 17% of all imports come from China, followed by Canada 15.7%,

Mexico 10.6%, Japan 7.4%, leaving two of our biggest trading partners

with third-world wage scales. It’s a good, old-fashioned barnyard

screwing for the American worker. With millions unemployed and millions

losing their homes the government cares not a whit for their survival

or their livelihood. It is as if we don’t exist to them. The elections

are over, back to the business of maintaining the rich at the expense

of the poor.

The President is expected to make his first Supreme

Court nominee, and after eight years of Republican choices it should be

refreshing. It should be, but instead the President has hinted that it

will be a moderate woman with the emphasis on woman. Gee, how about a

good, old-fashioned, liberal woman? The Republicans placed Scalia and

Roberts, and Obama is looking for a moderate? What is this, an episode

of Hannity and Combs?

The President announced plans to close

Guantanamo, well, mainly close it, kind of close it. Yesterday the

Democratic majority refused to give the administration the funding

needed to close it out of political fear. Spineless jellyfish, afraid

of how it might appear in Peoria, they are more concerned with the

appearance of good works than in doing good works.

My son

bought a car from a woman yesterday; she was twenty-four and a college

graduate. She was selling the car because she was going into the

military. It was the only job she could find. She had lost her job and

moved back in with her parents. So, sadly, her last recourse was to

join America’s last growth industry, its war machine.

Where do

we go when all hope is gone? Do we keep sending in proof of purchase

box tops to the government? Hoping against hope that they will look up

and take notice of the millions of stray dogs and cats that used to be

the American middle class? What is the true purpose of a government?

What constitutes a failed state? Would the largest trade deficit in the

world qualify? How about a nation with the world’s largest trade

deficit that advocates for even more free trade? Would the abdication

of concern for its people apply? It would seem to me a government with

no concern for its citizens would qualify only as a tyranny.


had a long talk with my brother-in-law about free trade and he

explained that it could not be stopped because it was the way the world

operates now. He wasn’t interested that the rest of the world isn’t

operating that way, that Germany doesn’t operate that way. Japan

doesn’t operate that way; Korea doesn’t operate that way. Only America

opens her borders to goods manufactured in the third world in factories

owned by American companies to exploit cheap labor and subvert American

wage scales.

“Well,” he said, “I don’t know what you can do to stop it. It’s the law.”


answered, “It’s only the law that keeps you safe in your bed at night.

You can call the cops if you hear a prowler, but who you gonna call

when you hear a million prowlers?”

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.