How To Think Better

By Ben Cohen

A fascinating interview with savant Daniel Tammet on what makes exceptional creativity (h/t Andrew Sullivan):

My brain has developed a little differently from most other

people’s. Aside from my high-functioning autism, I also suffered from

epileptic seizures as a young child. In my book, I propose a link

between my brain’s functioning and my creative abilities based on the

property of hyperconnectivity.

In most people, the brain’s major functions are performed separately

and not allowed to interfere with one another. Scientists have found

that in some brain disorders, however, including autism and epilepsy,

cross-communication can occur between normally distinct brain regions.

My theory is that rare forms of creative imagination are the result of

an extraordinary convergence of normally disconnected thoughts,

memories, feelings and ideas. Indeed, such hyperconnectivity within the

brain may well lie at the heart of all forms of exceptional creativity.

Here is Tammet on Letterman explaining more about his unique intelligence:

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