Is Nuclear Power So Bad?

George Monbiot has had a change of heart:

It’s true that my position has changed. As the likely effects of climate change have become clearer, nuclear power, by comparison, has come to seem less threatening.

Three things in particular changed my view:

• Reading the technical report by the Finnish radioactive waste authority Posiva. This seems to me to be a convincing demonstration that the long-term storage of nuclear waste could, in principle, be carried out safely.

• Reading the paper by Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) paper on nuclear safety and security – I was also struck, reading all the papers in this series

by the gap between the evidence the SDC amassed and the conclusions it

came to. The technical papers suggested that modern nuclear power

production is safe, sustainable in terms of uranium supply and a source

of low-carbon electricity. The SDC’s position paper, however came out strongly against it. I found this hard to understand.

• Discovering that routine discharges of ionising radiation from coal plants are higher than from nuclear power stations

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