Mitchell Bard Reaction

By Ben Cohen

A lot of people debated my recent article on Mitchell Bard’s assertion that Hamas is to blame for the crisis in Gaza. This comment on the Huffington Post caught my attention:

The problem with seeing the world in black and white is that reality

consists mostly of other colors. Ben Cohen is able to see this and to

describe the nuances. Kudos for that. Lots of the other people

discussing the Gazan situation aren’t, and keep generalizing, denying

facts that don’t fit their world image and flagging disputeable

information that does, until they lose all credibility.

As we have seen plenty of examples of, these last days: Being able to

quote parts of the Geneva Convention doesn’t mean that one understands

the principles behind the Convention in full or that one has read the

rest of it. Being able to state certain correct facts doesn’t mean one

has the full picture. Declaring that correct facts opposing one’s own

impression of the situation even less so.

To me, this is what is essential: Human rights, on all sides of all

borders. The preservation of humanity and dignity. Access to food,

water, health, security. Freedom, not just from war, but also from

oppression. The value of life – specifically, that life should be

valued equally high no matter ethnisity, nationality or religion. The

protection of civilians. Respect for international law. Truth, and the

access to information bringing the truth forward. For now, all of this

is sorely lacking from the situation in Gaza.

Some were not quite as kind:

Ben, Can you please tell us why HAMAS is firing rockets at Israel? Really,

if Bard is completely off his rocker as you imply, why do they fire the

rockets? I think all agree the destructive capacity of the HAMAS rocket

strategy is extremely limited when compared to the inevitable Israeli


I would just point out that most major military strikes…even those

carried out by insurgencies direct their attacks toward government

facilities and troops. Yet HAMAS focuses primarily on the Israeli

civilian population why?

What can they hope to gain from their physically imbalanced military

campaign against Israel—except perhaps worldwide sympathy and support

from the uninformed adversity sheltered American public. To gain a

slogan for recruitment maybe. Then maybe it would be in their best

interest to antagonize Israel into bloody conflict at the expense of

their own people. At least maybe it makes sense to them…. HAMAS

derives its power from the chaos. It is an organization that lives by

the feud. HAMAS is responsible.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.