News Links 4.4.07

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Bill O’Reilly Tells Rosie O To Stop “Personal Attacks”, Apparently Unaware That He Is Bill O’Reilly

Where (and How) Evolution Is Taught In the US

Fifth Graders Arrested For Having Sex In Class

Jackie Chan In Stuntman Controversy

Tommy Thompson & Tom Tancredo Are Running For President And Nobody Cares

John McCain’s Campaign Is Falling Apart

Karl Rove Gets Pelted, What About Tar & Feathering The Bastard?

Kelly Ripa: YES

Stephon Marbury’s $15 Sneakers

USA Apparently Backing Guerilla Group Vs. Iran

7,000 lbs of Marble Crush A Man To Death

Mitt Romney Unable To Escape His Mormon Base

Poll Says Jessica Biel Is Sexiest Woman Alive

E. Howard Hunt Says CIA Killed JFK, Conspiracy Theorists Find New Meaning In Life

Danica Patrick Almost Makes Auto Racing Interesting

Halle Berry and Her Star On The Walk Of Fame

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Lindsay Lohan Has Been Branded Or Something