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Trump Allies Believe Rudy Giuliani May Have Been Drunk Before Disastrous Interviews

Giuliani may have been drunk while confessing that the Trump Organization was engaged in business negotiations with Russia right up to the election in November of 2016.
Giuliani: May have been drunk before disastrous interviews

Giuliani: May have been drunk before disastrous interviews

Former Mayor of New York and current Trump legal counsel Rudy Giuliani is in his boss's bad books after a series of interviews that can only be described as a train wreck. Trump is reportedly incensed about Giuliani's appearances, with many in the media speculating  he will may fire his long time ally. It turns out that confessing to all your client's crimes on television over and over again is not exactly the greatest career move. 

Furthermore, it turns out Giuliani may have been drunk while confessing that the Trump Organization was engaged in business negotiations with Russia right up to the election in November of 2016. 

The president reportedly told advisers that he thought Giuliani had distracted the public from what he thought was a PR public victory over Robert Mueller's rebuttal to portions of the explosive BuzzFeed News story. Reported the Huff Post: 

The president told confidants that Giuliani had “changed the headlines” for the worse and raised the possibility that Giuliani do fewer cable hits, at least for a while, according to the officials and Republicans.

Frustration about Giuliani in the West Wing has long run rampant. The former New York City mayor, who frequently speaks directly to the president, is Trump’s outside counsel and works in a different orbit than White House officials, who are still left to play damage control after some of Giuliani’s wilder interviews.

Some of Trump’s allies have suggested that Giuliani be barred from evening interviews because of concerns that he was going on TV after drinking, according to three Republicans close to the White House.

This would not be the first time Giuliani has been accused of drinking before going on television to defend his boss. Back in May of 2018, a feisty Giuliani admitted Trump had known about Michael Cohen’s payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels on Sean Hannity's show. It was later revealed that he had been at the Grand Havana, a cigar and cocktail lounge in New York, hours before appearing on Hannity. While he couldn't remember the events of the day clearly, Giuliani admitted this may have been true, but maintained he was not drunk. 

The scale of Giuliani's recent screw ups however, is mind blowing given the stakes, so it isn't exactly a stretch to believe he had been drinking. Giuliani told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in a bizarre interview that he “never said there was no collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign. In the wake of the Buzzfeed News story, Giuliani told The New Yorkerthat he had listened to the tapes referenced by the Buzzfeed reporters. 

“I can tell you, from the moment I read the story, I knew the story was false," he said. "Because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the emails, and I knew none existed.”

The New Yorker's Isaac Chotiner asked him what tapes he was referring to. 

“I shouldn’t have said tapes," said Giuliani. "They alleged there were texts and emails that corroborated that Cohen was saying the president told him to lie. There were no texts, there were no e-mails, and the president never told him to lie.”

Trump’s lawyer then attempted to clarify his statement saying that he had actually listened to tapes “but none of them concern this.”

Giuliani appears to understand that his career is unraveling in real time. He was asked by Chotiner whether he worries that his defense of the president will affect his legacy.

“Absolutely. I am afraid it will be on my gravestone. ‘Rudy Giuliani: He lied for Trump,’” he said.

“Somehow, I don’t think that will be it. But, if it is, so what do I care? I’ll be dead. I figure I can explain it to St. Peter. He will be on my side, because I am, so far … I don’t think, as a lawyer, I ever said anything that’s untruthful,” he went on.

“I have a sense of ethics that is as high as anybody you can imagine.”

In fairness to Giuliani, while his ethical conduct has been atrocious, he has actually told the truth about Trump's brazen criminality. He just may have been drunk when doing so.