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Trump Having His Tiny Fingers Photoshopped Is Peak Conservatism

The petty pointlessness of it is the perfect encapsulation of a petty and pointless movement.
Images via Gizmodo

Images via Gizmodo

The eagle eyes at Gizmodo have noticed that several images on President McTinyDigits' social media accounts have been altered to flatter the notoriously vain occupant that puts the "oval" in "Oval Office":

In recent months, Trump’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts have published photos of the president that have been manipulated to make him look thinner. If it only happened once you might be able to chalk it up as an accident. But Gizmodo has discovered at least three different retouched photos on President Trump’s social media pages that have been published since October of 2018.

Once you see the original next to the altered version, it becomes super obvious. But Gizmodo does a nifty GIF overlay that has one morph into the other that really drives home the alterations. I'd post him here but Gizmodo did the work so you should really go check it out there.

On the one hand, it's Ha-Ha funny. How pathetic do you have to be to have your social media digitally altered just to make your fingers look less like little sausages? But on the other, it really is the perfect encapsulation of the entire conservative movement right now.

I was originally going to title this article "Trump Having His Tiny Fingers Photoshopped Is Peak Trumpism," but aside from the fact that there really is no such thing as "Trumpism," this is represents just how pointless and petty the entire conservative movement has become. It used to stand for, at least on paper, fiscal responsibility (but only when Democrats were in charge), "family values" (for thee, not for me), strong foreign policy (bomb everything), small government (except when it comes to legislating bigotry and misogyny), etc. The right relied on blatant racism to hold its coalition together but it had core principles, however loathsome they may have been. Now none of that matters. Today. the right is shallow and empty of ideas.

Seriously, what do they stand for besides slogans? Drain the swamp? What does that even mean when they turn a blind eye to the historic corruption of the Trump regime? Build the wall? Every serious immigration opponent knows the wall is worthless which is why they won't back it in Congress. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh love it because it's easy to repeat and it riles up the rubes that are their audience. But as a real policy initiative? Worse than useless. 

Everything else they support is solely in the cause of "owning the libs." Suck up to Russia after spending decades of fearing and hating them? Sure! Why not? It'll drive the libs crazy! Start a trade war with our allies? Heck yeah! Let's really stick to the "globalists!" Blow up the deficit and give a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich and crash the economy? That'll show those goddamn libs who's boss! Embrace fascism after spending a lifetime insisting the right are the truest of true Americans? Just show us where to line up for goose-stepping lessons, baby!

Conservatives are often referred to as "reactionary" because they react (negatively) to changes in the country instead of proactively trying to improve them (or simply adapt to them). But they've gone so far to the extreme they're not even reacting to anything in particular anymore. Now they do things to anger the left just for the thrill of it. They may as well be a spoiled 2-year-old who breaks their favorite toy rather than share it. The vindictive pleasure of hurting someone else far outweighs the loss they're inflicting on themselves. 

It's petty. It's pointless. It's devoid of all meaning. Just like photoshopping images of a man everyone knows is a lazy, overweight slob with tiny fingers.

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