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To put it mildly, the Republican Party is explosively crapping its cage about Donald Trump's prospects for being re-nominated in 2020. The party establishment is so terrified, in fact, that its leadership is actively circling its orange wagons around its bloated chief executive to shield him from being ousted by potential primary challengers such as Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, and John Kasich.

On the surface, it's intended to look like unwavering Republican unity: the party is simply abiding Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment about not speaking poorly of other Republicans.

But that's definitely not the real story. A strategic gambit to literally rig the nomination for Trump is underway, and like all things from the party of Captain Obvious, it's almost as if they want the rest of us to know they're deeply concerned that Trump's reelection prospects are in desperate peril.

Politico informed us on Monday that the Republican National Committee is planning its 2020 Charlotte, NC convention in a way that's intended to head off any potential Never Trump floor protests similar to what occurred at the 2016 event.

The aides are diving into the rules that govern the state-by-state delegate allocations, keeping close tabs on the contests for the influential state chairmanship slots, and laying out plans to organize at local meetings where the convention-goers will be picked.

In other words, it looks as though the RNC will actively campaign against anti-Trump Republicans to keep any Never Trumpers from rising to state chair positions, thus reducing the potential for floor demonstrations against the president at what ought to be his triumphant renomination.

But that's not all.

We also learned recently that party leadership in South Carolina is actually considering the possibility of entirely canceling the 2020 primary there. The general goal here is to damage any challengers by stripping away early up-for-grabs delegates that might lean toward non-Trump candidates. What they’re not saying out loud, but which we can all see from a mile away, is that this'd be a fantastic way to make sure South Carolina’s Nikki Haley doesn’t try anything sneaky by running against her former boss.

Meanwhile, the Trump re-election campaign and the RNC appear to be merging into a single entity called “Trump Victory” in order to coordinate messaging and overall campaign strategies. This chimera of stupid will also ensure that no primary challengers receive support from the party establishment.

On top of all that, an RNC member is pushing the party to automatically endorse and re-nominate Trump without holding any primaries at all -- an apparent response to Mitt Romney’s editorial in The Washington Post last week in which the former 2012 presidential candidate criticized Trump’s indecency and lack of presidential decorum.

Williams wants the RNC to change the rules, endorse Trump and declare him the de-facto nominee, heading off any primary challenge. But such a move, while possible, could be complicated and generate criticism that the president is engaging in the sort of establishment election-rigging he decried on the campaign trail in 2016.

They're so incredibly desperate, aren't they. And “rigging” is exactly what this is, running contrary to Trump’s 2016 whining about the alleged rigging of the election against him and his Red Hat loyalists. Now, Trump is the establishment and the suicidal GOP is making sure it’s completely entangled with this traitorous monster, ensuring that if Trump goes down, the Republican Party will be dragged down with him. There’s literally no way for the Republicans to escape the singularity of Trump horrors now.

Then again, the Republicans were able to someone wiggle away from George W. Bush and Sarah Palin when both nincompoops were eventually laughed off the stage. They’ll do it again after Trump, but history will record how the GOP literally colluded with the Trump campaign to help him win re-nomination and (heaven forbid) re-election. They can employ any means of revisionism they choose, yet there’s no escaping the reality that Trump is toxic and the RNC is inexplicably poisoning itself.

Yes, Trump always makes things worse for Trump. Likewise, as a corollary to my rule, the RNC always makes things worse for the RNC.