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America Needs Donald Trump Convicted And Sent To Prison

America needs the full power of the law to do everything possible to convict Trump and end this nightmare presidency.
Via Getty images

Via Getty images

As we enter 2019, Donald Trump continues to do everything possible to hide, lie or cover up the multitude of illegal and unethical acts that defines his mafia style presidency.

While some of Trump’s ghastly acts of constitutional violations, deceptive business practices and criminal decisions to obstruct Justice are already in the public domain, the worst is yet to come. State and federal prosecutors have confiscated thousands of documents, former employees and staff members that were directly tied to Trump’s campaign and business enterprise are cooperating with investigators, and more indictments of people within Trump’s inner circle may occur in the near future.

In the end, it is likely that the legal powerhouse combination of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutorial team, the Southern District of New York and state Attorney General Letitia James will uncover unprecedented levels of criminality, corruption and traitorous actions from an American president never seen before in this nation’s history. For these reasons, America needs Donald Trump to be indicted as a sitting president. 

How to put Trump in jail

The openness of his disgust for democracy, the years of soon to be proven lawbreaking behavior and the damage he has done to the country cannot be treated lightly. America needs the full power of the law to do everything possible to convict Trump and end this nightmare presidency.

But for this to happen successfully, I strongly believe that the Mueller team and the Southern District of New York (SDNY) must coordinate their state and federal indictments to happen at the same time. By doing it this way, prosecutors will create an environment that would make it politically untenable for Trump to survive in. Although Republicans have proven they don’t care about their constituents, democracy or the constitution, actions of this magnitude would leave them little choice but to move toward impeachment or convincing Trump to resign.

On the assumption that Vice President Mike Pence is not indicted for perjury or collusion by Robert Mueller, Pence’s interim presidency should then be put in a position of great discomfort. The fallout from coordinated indictments based on the degree of Trump’s alleged criminality would weaken Pence’s justification for issuing a pardon – if the opportunity presented itself. But we know Pence is a phony Christian and at his core, a narcissist and and ideological zealot. In that regard, the prospect of Pence abusing power by granting a highly inappropriate pardon to Trump is wholly predictable and should be expected. But his power is only limited to the federal level.

The state level indictment could force Trump to fight and prepare for a state trial, costing him millions in legal fees and leaving him at the mercy of state prosecutors who want desperately to put him in jail. As Robert Reich notes, he could well end up serving a lengthy sentence regardless of a presidential pardon. 

No plea deals

Lastly, and most importantly, coordinated state and federal indictments should be an incentive for prosecutors to refuse any plea deals with Donald Trump. Any plea deal that lets him go free would be disastrous for the country. A free Trump would give him ongoing access to the media and the opportunity to continue poisoning our political discourse and the country. He would never go away. It would inspire more white collar and political crimes, massive protests would occur and sends the harmful message that rich, white men can get away with anything, even treason. 

The hard working Americans who worked for him and didn't get paid, or those who invested their money to attend his fraudulent University need to see Trump pay for his crimes. If Trump is convicted, he should not only go to prison for the rest of his life, but pay restitution to those he has stolen from.

A fitting punishment

Trump has weakened our democracy, made a mockery of the presidency and has become a national security risk to America and the world. His final days on earth should be spent in a jail cell so America’s healing can truly begin, and to force him to be with the person he despises the most: himself.

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