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Trump Thinks His Shutdown Will Stop Nancy Pelosi From Investigating His Corrupt Regime. Good Luck With That

We are watching the Trump White House finish its total detachment from reality.

When Trump was first elected, he listened to the GOP and hired a lot of people who were, if not particularly honest, more or less capable of doing their jobs. Since then, like most autocrats, he's winnowed out the competent in favor of those most likely to kiss his ass and enable his corruption. The result has been a catastrophic brain drain that gives us next level stupidity like this:

Days into a partial government shutdown that has left tens of thousands of federal workers furloughed, President Donald Trump and his close allies have begun feeling more confident about the political perch they occupy.

In their eyes, a prolonged stalemate will likely fracture voters along traditional partisan lines, and the ultimate outcome will be a debate waged largely on the president’s terms. Increasingly, they see an upside in forcing likely incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi to have to spend the first days, if not weeks, of the next Congress engaged in an argument over border wall funding rather than her preferred agenda: a mix of sweeping ethics and election reforms and congressional oversight. And they continue to believe that a conversation around immigration and border security is in the president’s best political interests.

So...nah. That's a terrible idea. First off, Trump and his sycophants are ignoring the fact that Pelosi just won a crushing victory over Trump and the GOP in November. She didn't just win back the House, she curbstomped Republicans all across the country on a platform of government overand putting a stop to Trump's abusive white nationalist policies. Her mandate is loud and extremely unambiguous. When she swings that gavel, her first words are going to be a much more pleasant version of, "Fuck your wall."

At the same time, having the Democrats put so much effort into resisting Trump's most obvious symbol of racism will unify them behind Pelosi at exactly the moment Republicans should be looking to find ways to weaken her. When she inevitably forces Trump to back down, because that's the only way this ends, with no wall getting built but maybe more funding for border security, she's going to be strutting like a giant and Trump will be weaker than ever.

Finally, and here's where the brain drain comes in, Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. While part of the House Democrats will be dealing with the shutdown, the rest of them will be busy getting their subpoenas ready. To think that this will stop Democrats from investigating the plethora of corrupt activities Trump and his cronies have engaged in over the last three years is to not understand in the slightest how the House works. Trump is incapable of dealing with more than one issue at a time because he is small and stupid and a very poor manager of people. Nancy Pelosi is none of these things.

While Trump is gloating over how he has the Democrats pinned down at his illusory Maginot Line, he's going to be walloped on all sides by House investigations that are still going to be carried out regardless of his partial shutdown. People smarter than me have almost certainly warned them that this would be the case but the Trump White House is almost completely detached from reality now and they only hear what they want to hear and in Trumpland, everything is just great! Just keep rearranging those deck chairs, goddammit, and don't worry about the water getting deeper!