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Pickup Truck Owners Block Tesla Charging Stations, Curse at Tesla Drivers Because People Are Stupid

This is your brain on Fox News
Image via Electrek

Image via Electrek

This will not be the deepest and most insightful article you'll read today but it's a useful reminder of just how stupid people can be:

In what appears to be an act of protest against Tesla, a bunch of pickup truck drivers used their trucks to block access to a Supercharger station and reportedly yelled profanities about Tesla until they were removed from the premises.

This happened in North Carolina and it's an extension of the practice of "coal-rolling" in which pickup drivers who have their trucks running on diesel purposefully blow a cloud of black smoke onto an electric or hybrid vehicle. The point is to, I dunno, own the libs or something. Because electric vehicles are less manly?

But blocking the charging stations and verbally assaulting Tesla owners is an escalation and it shows how far people, presumably Trump voters because who else would be this ridiculous, will go to find something to "other" their fellow humans over. Take note that these people have invested so much of their identity in their vehicles that they literally feel threatened by someone else's car. I never quite got the whole car obsession thing but I could kind of understand spending a lot of money on a car and being extremely proud of it. But to feel threatened by someone's else's car? That's taking shallow to a new, pathetic low. Especially when you can't articulate an actual reason for feeling threatened beyond "It's faggy."

This blind hatred of electric and hybrid vehicles is a true triumph of right-wing propaganda. The only thing they endanger is the profits of the fossil fuel industry and yet, they incite a mindless fury on the right, emphasis on "mindless." This is why Trump's regime has been rolling back fuel efficiency standards and tax credits for electric vehicles in an attempt to kill the spread of the technology. The only people that stand to benefit are companies that sell gas.

Fortunately, California is pushing ahead with its higher fuel standards and demand that car companies switch over to hybrids and EVs. And as the largest car market in America, as California goes, so does the country. The buffoons in North Carolina can get their laughs now but their grandkids will be driving electric pickup trucks and wondering why their grandfathers were such morons.