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White Nationalists Are Infiltrating The Pro-Life Movement To Recruit Misogynists

This is not a new tactic for the alt-right and the recurring theme continues to be a hatred of women.
Image via ADL

Image via ADL

Truthout reports on a new recruiting ground for white nationalists of the alt-right: The anti-choice movement.

Attacks on reproductive rights are nothing new, but fascist groups’ infiltration of anti-choice groups and recruiting around anti-choice organizing in their genocidal agenda is an escalation. Leaked conversations between white supremacist groups using the Discord messaging site show users discussing recruiting members based on their opposition to abortion rights.

When I first saw this article, I mistakenly believed that it was an older piece that had been recycled on Facebook. I thought that this was a different perspective on the well-documented tactic of white nationalists recruiting misogynists from the MRA movement. But, no, this is the same concept applied to a completely different group of people who also happen to hate women.

That may sound unfair but the anti-choice movement is dripping with disdain for women. From their illogical opposition to birth control that would reduce abortion to their open calls for violence against women, anti-choice fanatics regularly reveal that their opposition to abortion is rooted in their hatred of women. Please bear in mind that the same people that insist women be forced to have children they do not want are the same people who also vote to take away healthcare for those pregnant women who cannot afford it, callously used free healthcare for children as a bargaining chip, despise free school breakfasts and lunches, so on and so forth.

If a movement is only focused on preventing a woman from controlling when she reproduces and ignores the resulting child, it's safe to say that movement is not pro-life but rather anti-woman

And that brings us back to why white nationalists are finding the pro-life movement such a, ahem, fertile recruiting ground. White nationalism is, at its core, a movement centered around angry white men. These men are insecure in the extreme and looking for something, anything, to make them feel strong again. As any bully can tell you, the easiest route to a feeling of power is to oppress someone else.

In the same vein, the pro-life movement, much like the Men's Rights movement, is lousy with men who think women are whores that need to be punished. If you don't believe that to be true, you have not spent time to speaking to either group. You should do so. It's eye-opening. Depressing, but eye-opening.

The common thread running through all three movements is misogyny. Knowing this, it's fairly easy to prey upon men in the pro-life movement and draw them into white nationalism. When the source of your rage is a massive inferiority complex, hate becomes fungible. Today, you hate women. Tomorrow, you hate women and immigrants. Next week, you add blacks. Six months from now, you hate Jews and you're wondering why it took you so long to read Mein Kampf. 

The anti-choice movement is not exactly thrilled about this crossover but they're not putting in a lot of effort to denounce it, either. Instead, they're doing the "both sides" dance of complaining about white nationalists and Antifa. Of course, Antifa isn't actually joining their protests so one is forced to wonder what they're talking about. It's possible they would prefer not to discuss the fact that, ideologically, the pro-"life" movement somehow seems more in tune with violent hatemongers than anyone else. Most embarrassing.

But not surprising. The press may let the decades old lie stand that they protest abortion clinics because they love the unborn but anyone taking 5 minutes to look at the history of the anti-choice movement in America will see the seething hatred of female autonomy just below the surface. That's not just fertile ground for their fellow misogynists in the white nationalist movement, it's like an all you can eat buffet.

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