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There Are Real Signs The Tide Is Finally Turning Against Trump

The signs are a combination of the obvious and not so obvious, that when added up, do not bode well for Trump in the coming months.
Image via the AP

Image via the AP

It is impossible to make completely accurate predictions in politics. This is particularly true for Donald Trump, who is so predictably unpredictable that most pundits worth their salt have given up forecasting his political fortune. 

In recent times however, there have been some extremely bleak signs for the president. The signs are a combination of the obvious and not so obvious, that when added up, do not bode well for Trump in the coming months. 

Here are five real signs that the tide is turning against Trump that put his presidency in grave danger: 

1. Trump is basically a lame duck president. He lost the House to the Democrats in a landslide midterm election, essentially rendering his agenda moot. He had a hard enough time passing anything while Republicans had full control of all branches of government, and without the House, he is now essentially powerless.  Trump's negotiating skills are atrociously bad (witness his public drubbing at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer), and the Democrats look set to run circles around him. 

2. The Department of Justice has not stated unequivocally that they believe Donald Trump is guilty of a federal crime. This isn't just big, it is huge, and depending on what else is revealed in the Mueller probe, Congress may be compelled to start impeachment proceedings against him. 

3. Trump has lost a Chief of Staff who brought some sense of order to the White House. Now that Gen. John Kelly has gone, Trump will pick a replacement (if he can get one) who will likely leave Trump to his own, self destructive devices. While not big news, it is yet another sign that the Trump White House is moving further away from reality towards chaos and dysfunction. 

4. Conservatives who have remained silent on Trump are now quietly turning against him. In a utterly savage interview in German language paper “Die Weltwoche,” Tucker Carlson declared that Trump was completely "incapable" of being president, and had failed to enact any of his campaign promises. "His chief promises were that he would build the wall, de-fund planned parenthood, and repeal Obamacare," said Carlson. "And he hasn't done any of those things". 

Data also suggests that suburban Never-Trump and Trump-skeptical Republicans were key to handing Democrats their victory in the midterms last month. The conservative intelligentsia it seems, have finally had enough of Trump. 

5. The Republican Party how has little use for Trump. He got them their tax cuts and managed to ram conservative activist Brett Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court. Now, they don't need him any more. They couldn't care less about his border wall and still view him as a serious long term liability. While Republicans aren't publicly criticizing Trump, should his legal woes continue to grow (and they almost certainly will), there comes a point when they have to go on record as to whether they will support a criminal or not. And the signs are, some of them won't


Trump has certainly survived apocalyptic scenarios before, but this time he is subject to massive oversight by a branch of government with real power, and a Department of Justice that now believes he is a criminal. Trump will need more than just his Twitter account and the Red Hat cultists to survive, and it it seems everyone else he could previously count are beginning to abandon ship.