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Tomi Lahren Tells Us Everything About The Inhumanity of Trump's Base

What kind of savage enjoys watching children be tear-gassed? The kind that votes for Trump, apparently.
Image via Raw Story

Image via Raw Story

Yesterday, as most of the country and the world expressed how appalled it was at the actions of the United States, Tomi Lahren of Fox News tweeted how much she enjoyed children being tear-gassed at the border:

I am not going to drag Lahren for her tweet. She's an attention whore who will say whatever she needs to say to boost her standing with her audience. It just so happens her audience is Trump's base and that means that what she has to say reveals everything about them.

Yes, the idea is to troll the left by saying things that will upset them but Lahren can't just say anything. She couldn't, for example, say she enjoys eating the flesh of children. Sure, that would infuriate the left but it would also anger the right (one would hope). That won't do.

Lahren has to say things that will both anger liberals and delight conservatives. This is why the more racist she is, the happier the right becomes. The more anti-trans she is, the better. That's what her audience of white Republican voters want to hear.

So what does it say about her audience that Lahren is wallowing in the pain and suffering of children being tear-gassed like a pig in filth?

Everything, of course.

It says that her audience wants her to be as cruel and inhumane as possible. That violence against refugees seeking asylum is not just permissible but desirable. That there is no line that cannot be crossed if it means keeping Those People out of "their" country. 

These are people that cheered putting children in cages and now they are defending tear-gassing them. When one of the white nationalist militias eventually does make its way down to the border and opens fire on unarmed men, women, and children, Tomi Lahren and her audience will lustily roar their approval. White nationalism is the ideology of genocide because there is no other way to purge a nation of over 100 million people and white Republican voters are embracing it wholeheartedly.

One might be tempted to compare Lahren's utter lack of compassion to the widespread ridicule of the "missionary" that was killed by a primitive tribe in the Andaman Sea but it's not the same at all. Unlike the refugees legally seeking asylum at our border, John Allen Chau was illegally trying to contact a group of people who have made it extremely clear they would kill anyone that came to their island.

The Sentinelese learned the hard way that contact with the outside world brought disease and death and refused to have any more of it. Chau knew this and insisted on putting everyone on the island at risk anyway. His arrogance cost him his life and people had very little sympathy for him because of it.

Conversely, Lahren and her audience of soulless monsters know very well that the refugees are fleeing violence and they don't care. All they see is brown skin and it fills them with rage. Enough rage that they would gladly watch children be injured if it meant driving them away. Because, naturally, they're pro-life and everything.

This cannot be said often enough: White Republican voters do not consider non-white people to be actual people. We know this through their words and their deeds. This inability to recognize the humanity of others is a key component in the road to ethnic cleansing. They keep telling us who they are every single day. We must start listening.