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FBI Labels Proud Boys As 'Extremist' Group With 'Ties To White Nationalism'

Gavin McInnes's far right group of misogynistic racists is considered by the F.B.I to be a an "extremist group with ties to white nationalism".
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AP File Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

AP File Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The F.B.I is an inherently conservative organization dominated by white, middle aged men, many of whom have military backgrounds. Despite the smearing of the organization by the Trump administration as an arm of the globalist "Deep State", the F.B.I is about as Republican friendly as you can get. 

So if the F.B.I considers a right wing group to be 'extremist', then it is safe to say it really is extreme, and really is a danger to society. 

The Proud Boys is a hate group

According to a document produced by Washington state law enforcement, the far right group the 'Proud Boys' is considered by the F.B.I to be a an "extremist group with ties to white nationalism". 

The group, mad up of sad, angry white men largely in the Pacific North West, has, according to the document, "contributed to the recent escalation of violence at political rallies held on college campuses, and in cities like Charlottesville, Virginia, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.”

Founded by Alt Right Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys is a 'men's rights group' that appeals to Trump supporters and Breitbart reading misogynists who believe they are a persecuted ethnic group. They feel threatened by liberalism and identity politics, and have created a 'Fight Club' like association that takes to the streets to defend their right to, well be white men. 

Their official site describes them as "a pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world; aka Western Chauvinists."`The group aims to reinstate the "Spirit of Western Chauvinism," and stands against "anti-racial guilt" 

’I love being white and I think it’s something to be very proud of,” McInnes once told the New York Times

So proud that he started an organization based on it. And while McInnes claims the group does not discriminate based on race and stands for 'Anti racism' it is clear the F.B.I believes otherwise. 

The investigation

The report into the Proud Boys was, as the Guardian reports, "part of an internal affairs investigation into a probationary deputy in the Clark county sheriff’s department."

The former clark county deputy, Erin Willey, was apparently fired last summer after the Vancouver, Washington newspaper the Columbian published a photo of her wearing a “Proud Boys Girls” sweatshirt (The Proud Boys Girls is the female version of the group). Reported the Guardian: 

The author of the document, headquarters commander Michael McCabe, is in charge of internal affairs, training, background investigation and courthouse security in the Clark county sheriff’s department.

The briefing included agency heads from local law enforcement, and in it the FBI said that they “have been warning [local law enforcement] for a while” about the Proud Boys, “not just in Washington but around the nation”.

The briefing including the Proud Boys was delivered by an FBI analyst, according to information forwarded to the Guardian by McCabe.

It touched on topics including “How the FBI tracks hate/extremist groups”, “Brief history of these groups in the Pacific NW”, “A description of currently active groups with a focus on the Portland/Vancouver area”, and “Current trends or concerns over law enforcement officers/employees involvement with these groups”.

The marketing of White Supremacy

McInnes, like other Alt Right figures, has been quite clever in his marketing of white supremacy. The first trick he and people like Steve Bannon figured out, was to claim to be "pro-Western" (not "pro-white"). The second was to vilify Muslims and non-white immigrants at every given opportunity while claiming it to be a war of "ideals" not race. The Proud Boys don't hate Mexicans for being Mexicans per se, they hate them if they do not conform to the White, Anglo- Saxon, Protestant philosophy they believe is superior to all others. It's a clever ruse that has allowed them to gain mainstream adoption and provide cover to closeted racists who would otherwise be stuck at home leaving anonymous hate comments on Youtube. 

Calling a spade a spade

The F.B.I's classification of the Proud Boys as an 'extremist group with ties to white nationalism' should now once and for all erase any doubt as to what the organization is really about. It is a deeply unpleasant hate group that appeals to violent racists and misogynists. While the Proud Boys (and girls) are free to believe whatever they want, once those beliefs manifest in violent behavior, the public has a right to stop them. If we expect the F.B.I to take down Islamic terrorist groups, we should expect them to take down the Proud Boys too.