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It's Still Necessary To Shame Trump Voting Relatives At Thanksgiving

They have two years of blood on their hands. If they're not ashamed of themselves yet, help them along.

Voted for Trump? You're a trash person.

Two years ago, just a few weeks after the 2016 election, I wrote "Yes, You Should Shame Your Trump Voting Relatives At Thanksgiving Dinner." I was still trying to find the words to describe what I knew was coming and I got a ration of crap for it. This was long before the media kicked off their "civility" debate but even back then I was told I was overreacting.

A funny thing's happened since then. Pretty much everything I said turned out to be spot on. 

Think about what they've done. They elected the single most unfit candidate in American history to the presidency. Donald is an unrepentant racist that is building a white nationalist administration. He has no respect for American values or traditions and has been promising to rule as a dictator from the beginning.

Look at just the last couple of weeks. Trump humiliated us on the world stage by hiding in his hotel room because of a little rain. He picked a fight with CNN's Jim Acosta and then had his regime use a doctored video to justify revoking his press pass. And to top it all off, Trump's white nationalist rhetoric reached such a fever pitch it led directly (and potentially indirectly) to the at least three acts of domestic terrorism including the worst antisemitic massacre on American soil in United States history.

Amazingly, it gets worse.

Richard Spencer is a huge fan of Trump's Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. Bannon is the anti-Semite that ran, a website that caters explicitly to Spencer's rabidly racist white nationalists. Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Preibus just refused to rule out registering Muslims. Trump's camp has spoken openly about the Japanese Internment Camps of WWII as historical "precedent."

As you read this, thousands of children are in camps near the border and Trump is actively working on plans to radically increase that number. Why? Because tearing children away from their families is a form of torture for the children that punishes the parents for seeking asylum. We don't have to guess about this motive, they openly bragged about it. We put children in camps now for the crime of being the wrong race.

Let's continue,

Yes, they will have a million excuses for why they voted for someone they knew was a monster but they're all bullshit. It wasn't the economy. It wasn't ISIS. It wasn't unemployment. It wasn't Hillary's emails. It wasn't Bill's affairs. It wasn't Washington corruption. Every single reason they give is a lie and they know it. They wanted one thing and one thing only: To take "their" country back from that fucking n*gger in the White House. That's it. End of line. Full stop.

Study after study after study has borne out what we all knew back then. White Republican voters voted for Trump out of pure racism. Nothing else. It took a full year for the press to give up the ghost on that lie and there are still people pushing the "economic anxiety" myth even today, but the facts show otherwise. Your Trump voting relative is a racist that wanted brown people to suffer.

And they got their wish! Jeff Sessions spent two years as America's first Confederate Attorney General and greenlit the police to ramp up violence against black communities with impunity. He made it harder to hold them accountable for their actions and it was already all but impossible to do so. 

At the same time, ICE has been terrorizing Latino communities. And I use the word "terrorizing" deliberately. Deportations are actually down under Trump. Why? Because ICE is no longer focusing their efforts on criminals and the recently arrived undocumented. Instead, they're tearing apart Latino communities trying to deport anyone they can get their hands anywhere they can grab them, even coming out of a church. They want every undocumented immigrant to be afraid at all times. They said this. Out loud. That's the definition of terrorism and only a government run by white nationalists would do things in this manner.

Trump, for his part, has egged on the white nationalist movement to the point where they feel comfortable rioting in the streets and beating people to a pulp. And that's when they had all the power in the government. Now that they got their asses kicked in the midterms, they're going to be even more violent. All with Trump's approval and blessings. 

But your Trump voting relative knows this. It's what they wanted. And if it's not, they should have the decency to be absolutely ashamed of what they've done by now. If not, then there is absolutely no reason to spare their feelings or "keep the peace." Treat them like a collaborator because that's what they are.

One of the reasons white Republican voters act like soulless monsters is because they rarely face the consequences of their actions. They spew their racism and we as a society just shrug and say, "That's just the way they are." They elect white nationalists and the press rushes to humanize and normalize them. We have to humor them, you see, because that's the culture they grew up in.

Well, fuck that.

I haven't spoken to my in-laws in two years. I won't even be in the same room with them (actually, I literally leave the state when they come to visit). For some bizarre reason, my step-father-in-law sent me a humorous chain email for the first time in almost a decade. I sent him back a link to Ben Cohen's "It Always Ends With Dead Jews." I doubt he read it but presumably, he got the message. I hold him, his wife, and every other Trump voter personally responsible for every Jew, black person, Latino, LGBT member, Muslim, etc. murdered by a white nationalist terrorist.

They voted for a monster that enables monsters and they knew, they knew, that he was going to do this. And as I said two years: They didn't care.

You are in the presence of people who supported locking children in cages for having brown skin. After that kind of evil, are they really people you want to break bread with?

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Trump's white nationalist rhetoric "reached such a fever pitch it led directly to the at least three acts of domestic terrorism including the worst antisemitic massacre on American soil in United States history." The article has been amended to reflect the fact that the antisemitic attack on the Tree Of Life Synagogue was not directly linked to Trump's rhetoric. There is, however, evidence of an indirect link given the rise in hate speech by politicians, Trump being a primary example of this.