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Trump Is Insulting The One Man Who Can Destroy His Presidency

Adam Schiff (D-CA) has the power to end Trump's presidency. How is Trump dealing with this? By gratuitously insulting him on Twitter.
Image via Fox News

Image via Fox News

Now in charge of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has the power to not only make Donald Trump's presidency a living nightmare, but end it all together. 

Schiff is largely responsible for overseeing the executive branch and releasing its findings to the public. He has the power of subpoena, and along with his newly elected Democratic colleagues in the House, plans on using it. A lot

Schiff has mentioned on multiple occasions that he will be looking very closely into Russiagate, specifically "what leverage the Russians may have over the president of the United States." If there is enough evidence to show that Donald Trump has committed serious crimes, the Democrats will push for impeachment, and depending on the severity of the charge, there is a possibility he will be removed from office. 

Faced with this prospect, president Trump has decided the best course of action is to hurl juvenile insults at Schiff on Twitter: 

Schiff responded by mocking the president over his written answers to to Robert Mueller that Trump bragged he did without the help of his lawyers:

Americans are now so used to the president behaving in this repulsive manner and bringing shame to the office he holds that many feel it isn't worth commenting on. I disagree, as this should never, ever be normalized. But as is always the case, the president's disgusting tweets disguise his ulterior motives. This is where much of the media gets lost, and it is always worth keeping a laser like focus on what Trump is really up to. 

Trump's insults are used primarily to distract and divide -- he bets that by getting everyone to focus on his idiotic behavior, he removes attention from the potential crimes he is committing. He also knows that his followers love to see a good fight, and will rally to support him in the face of grave threats from the "Deep State" and "Fake News Media" etc. 

The problem is, this worked very well when the Democrats did not have any power on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately for Trump, now they do, and he does not seem to fully grasp how bad things are going to get for him. 

One of the biggest hurdles Trump faces going forward is the extreme lack of talent in his administration. Trump's legal team is woefully unprepared for the assault the Democrats are planning in the coming months, and given his total inability to focus on anything for more than a few seconds at a time, the chances of him incriminating himself are extremely high. 

Adam Schiff is a disciplined political operator with decades of experience, and you can bet he will be waiting for his moment to pounce. By insulting him on Twitter, Trump is declaring his intent to fight Schiff every step of the way -- a strategy that cannot end well for him.