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Marco Rubio Claims Democrats Trying To Steal Florida...By Counting Votes?

Rubio went on a long twitter rant accusing the Democratic lawyers of trying to "steal the election" with no evidence whatsoever.
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Marco Rubio was once viewed as a 'moderate' Republican -- a Latino star with the potential to bridge party divide. After he was battered, humiliated and beaten by Donald Trump, Rubio has since revealed his true colors. 

Having failed spectacularly to stand up to Donald Trump in any meaningful way (even when the president pledged to create a law that would have prevented his own family from becoming US citizens), Rubio is now a full fledged Trump acolyte doing his best to subvert the rule of law and the democratic process. 

After shilling for a racist Trump stooge in the Florida governor race, and a toxic climate denying lunatic in the Senate race, Rubio is now trying to stop a legally mandated recount as the vote tallies come in. 

State law in Florida requires a manual recount of any election with a margin under 0.25 percent, and a machine recount if under 0.5%. Democratic senator Bill Nelson initially conceded the Senate race to Rick Scott, but as the votes continued to come in, Scotts lead fell to only 0.22%. Andrew Gillum trails Ron DeSantis by 0.47 percent. Again, both trigger automatic recounts under state law. 

There are also significant irregularities in the voting behavior of Bill Nelson’s supporters, notably in Broward County where voters marked their ballots for gubernatorial candidates, but left the Senate ballot box blank. The Banter's Jeremy Fassler reported this today

Mysteriously, while 695,799 people turned in ballots there, only about 665,000 voted for Senate, less than any other statewide race on the ballot. This means that 30,000 voters in Broward left the Senate race blank on their ballots. No satisfactory answer has been found for this discrepancy, but a popular theory involves a ballot design which, like 2000's infamous butterfly ballot, caused confusion by tucking the Senate race in the bottom left-hand corner....

There are still many absentee and provisional ballots left to be counted in Broward, which Nelson's team believes will make him the winner, as well as ballots from military and overseas voters. How many of these ballots turn into actual votes for Nelson and Gillum will only be determined if they proceed to a hand recount. Palm Beach County has between 1,800 and 2,000 provisional ballots, the largest of the state's counties, and there is a strong likelihood that they will be counted, which could be a boon for the Democrats. 

Nelson and Gillum are quite rightly, and legally, calling for a recount. 

Enter Marco Rubio, who went on a long twitter rant accusing the Democrats of trying to "steal the election". Here is the crux of his argument: 

There are a couple of important questions for Rubio: 

1) Specifically which lawyers are "here to change the results of election"? Rubio does not cite any names or law firms. 

2) What, specifically, have they said that would indicate they are trying to do anything other than ensure Florida follows the law and begin a recount of the races in question?

It is one thing to question the vote counting process in Broward county, but entirely another to accuse the Democrats of trying to change the outcome of an election. 

Rubio knows this full well, but is using his political clout to prevent a recount and fuel right wing conspiracy theorists. The result of this could be devastating given the history of Florida. With enough pressure from the GOP and the president, a recount could be prevented from happening, and the outcome of any recount cast into doubt should one or all of the Democratic candidates emerge a winner. By forcing Democrats to spend all their time defending baseless conspiracy theories, Americans could be stuck with political candidates they didn't actually vote for (again). 

To be clear about this: Marco Rubio and other Republicans trying to prevent a recount are not concerned about Democrats trying to "steal" the election in Florida. They are trying to stop a legally mandated recount and subvert the American democratic process. 

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