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Wisconsin GOP Already Plans to Steal Power From New Dem Governor Tony Evers

The Republican assault on democracy continues without missing a step.
Image via TPM

Image via TPM

In 2016, Democrat Roy Cooper won the governorship of North Carolina. Republicans immediately passed a raft of legislation to strip the incoming governor of most of his power, essentially overturning the results of the election and defying the will of the voters. It was a blatant power grab and the very definition of anti-democratic. 

And it was just the beginning:

MADISON - Less than 24 hours after Tony Evers was elected governor, the Republican leader of the state Assembly threatened to take power away from him even before he is sworn in.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said Wednesday he would discuss whether to look at limiting Evers' power with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau). FItzgerald is open to the idea, according to an aide. 

Considering that Republicans control both chambers of the Wisconsin legislature, the kind of powers they're talking about stripping from the governor will almost certainly have to do with voting and redistricting. Extreme gerrymandering is, after all, why they still hold majorities even after losing the overall vote. 

We can expect to see this in states like Kansas and Michigan (also suffering from extreme gerrymandering). Kansas may not be so gung-ho about it since after years of Brownback's right-wing extremism and the absolute ruin it's brought to the state, Republicans there might be ready to actually get something done for the people instead of just slashing taxes for the rich. Michigan, on the other hand, is a state Republicans will need to keep gerrymandered and that means taking power away from a Democratic governor. Expect that story to drop in the coming weeks.

But it won't end there. Since North Carolina got away with it and Republicans in Wisconsin almost certainly will as well, when the next blue wave sweeps even more Republican governors out of office in 2020, more once red, now blue states will follow suit. It cannot be repeated often enough: Republicans are done with democracy. They do not care about the voters, the rule of law, the Constitution, ethics, morality, or anything other than power and serving the billionaires who own them. That's it. 

Once you fully understand and accept that reality, you will never underestimate how low Republicans are willing to go to steal power. There is no limit to what how many lines you'll cross when your goal is one-party rule. This is why we are at war with the GOP and even after Tuesday's victory, we have to continue fighting them with everything we have because they've been working to end American democracy for 50 years. We have a lot of ground to make up if we're going to stop them for good.