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Medicare: Safe. Social Security: Safe. Medicaid: Expanded. Trump: Utterly F*cked

Republicans will be out in force today telling you they won the midterms. They really, really didn't.
Wait, you mean I can't just act like an emperor anymore?!

Wait, you mean I can't just act like an emperor anymore?!

Tuesday night, America sent a very clear message to Donald Trump and the Republican Party: Fuck you. Oh, Trump has been furiously tweeting that he won and Fox will be telling their viewers that everything is just wonderful. In fact, Sean Hannity kicked it off by announcing early in the evening that the Democrats taking the House was, I kid you not, "meaningless."

Expect to hear a lot of that in the coming days and weeks as the right goes into full panic spin mode.

And it's true that Republican increased their hold on the Senate with the application of massive systemic voter suppression and a map that couldn't possibly be more favorable to them. Claiming this is a vote of confidence by the American public is like starting three feet from the finish line in a race and bragging about your running skills.

But even with all of the cheating and rigging, Ted Cruz almost lost in Texas. Florida almost turned blue. Stacey Abrams is within spitting distance and that is the dirtiest election in recent history (it's not over yet). Kris Kobach, king of election fraud, lost, giving Kansas, Kansas!, a Democratic governor. Scott Walker, another champ at rigging elections, lost, flipping Wisconsin and ending the GOP's ability to steal elections there. Maine has a Democratic governor after years of openly racist Paul LePage. Michigan went blue for the governor's mansion as did New Mexico and Nevada.

And then there's the House. Oh boy, is there the House.

It's going to take forever to get the final results because California is huge and painfully slow but before they were even done voting, we'd already taken back the House. Now we're just waiting to find out how large a margin we took it back by.

A House controlled by Democrats means the Republican plan to gut Medicare is dead. The plan to privatize Social Security is dead. The plan to slash Medicaid is dead. The GOP will go back to attacking Obamacare, of course, but they can no longer repeal it. Ha. Ha. Ha. That's off the table. Oh, and in some of those states that voted in Democratic governors? They'll be expanding Medicaid coverage now like in Maine where Paul LePage illegally withheld it from almost 100,000 people. Also, the people of Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah voted to expand it regardless of what Republicans want. 

So, sure, keep trying to sabotage the law, Republicans. See how that goes in 2020 cause it sure didn't help you in 2018.

Another fun side effect of taking back the House is that Republicans now have no way to pay for their massive tax cuts for billionaires. They needed to cut Medicare and Social Security to cover up the massive deficit hole they'd created. Now? That's gone and you can bet Democrats are going to hammer that home constantly as the deficit continues to grow in the coming year. The sugar high of the tax cut is already slowing down and Trump's stupid trade wars with multiple countries are a growing drag on the economy. We're not long for a very nasty recession and Republicans will try to blame Democrats but blame always falls on the White House. Always. Especially when it's the White House's fault.

And then there's all of those lovely scandals and criminal activities that Republicans have been burying for two years. Trump is extremely worried about this and Republicans should be, too:

That's a nice story but it goes both ways, doesn't it? How much of a paper trail have Republicans like Devin Nunes left concerning their collusion with the White House to end the Mueller probe? How many Republican Senators (I'm looking at you Lindsay Graham) have been compromised by Trump or Russia and what would a serious investigation reveal? Trump's Cabinet alone would keep House investigators busy for two years straight with all of their poorly concealed corruption.

Don't forget the "I" word, either. Full impeachment and conviction obviously won't happen. The GOP is far too corrupt to remove Trump no matter what congressional investigations turn up but Trump will be investigated. Thoughroughly. And all of the nasty stuff Republicans have been hiding will come out. Wait until they subpoena his tax returns and we find out exactly how much money he owes the Russians. 

Republicans are going to have to explain why they were hiding it and why they're not doing anything about it. Corruption by association is still corruption. And while Trump may be able to hide behind the right-wing extremists of the Supreme Court, his criminal family cannot. They're going to be investigated, too. Expect Trump to start using his pardon power a lot in the next two years and for that to make him even more unpopular. No one likes it when criminals cheat the law.

Trump is happy because he loves to have an enemy to fight and he thinks this will help over the next two years. He's wrong. It may make him more popular than ever with his cult of white nationalist assholes but it will sicken the rest of the country. There's a reason turnout was so high in the midterms and it wasn't because people were excited about fascism and corruption. They turned out to put a stop to Trump and the GOP. 

Republicans won almost exclusively in the deepest of deep red states and districts and relied heavily on gerrymandering and voter suppression elsewhere. Democrats won everywhere, from coast to coast, including in deep red territory just on the power of the vote. This was a sharp national rebuke of Trump and the GOP and as long as Democrats are smart about using their power to expose the massive corruption of the Trump regime and their lackeys in the Republican Party, all the wails of "overreach" and "harassment" will fall on deaf ears.