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Marco Rubio Channels Jesus For Midterms, Gets Roasted On Twitter

When you are trying to kick people off their health care and pass tax cuts to billionaires, it's not a great idea to quote Jesus Christ.
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Rubio Jesus

Let's just be clear about this. If you support Donald Trump or enable his agenda, you have no business talking about Jesus or Christianity. None whatsoever. The sexual predator turned political demagogue is about as far from Jesus Christ as Ted Cruz is to Miley Cyrus. 

Since being humiliated by him during the GOP primaries in 2015, Senator Marco Rubio has been a reliable stooge for the president, supporting him on key issues and helping to protect him from investigations into his criminal wrong doing. 

Rubio is himself an extremist -- a far right, anti gay, pro-life conservative who has worked diligently to undermine and eradicate the Affordable Care Act and pass enormous tax cuts to benefit his billionaire donors. While Rubio clearly does not like Donald Trump, he has no spine or moral decency, so he will not ever stand up to him on any meaningful issue. Incredibly, this even extended to locking immigrant children up in cages and separating them from their parents. The best Rubio could offer as criticism was a hashtag on Twitter to lock children up with their parents instead. Last week, Rubio -- the son of Cuban immigrants -- even had the temerity to mock liberals for defending birthright citizenship in the wake of Trump's announcement he would end it via executive order. 

How very Christian of him.  

Stumping for his very not racist pal, Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, Rubio decided he would channel Jesus for the midterm elections, tweeting the following quote from the bible: 

The reaction to this was severe and unrelenting. There are hundreds of replies to this, the overwhelming majority of them negative. There are too many to repost, but here is a selection of some of the best: 

Despite all the polls pointing to a crushing Democratic victory, Rubio has predicted a 'Red Wave' today. Hopefully the electoral results are as savage as his Twitter replies. 

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