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White People Should Make Us Nervous About The 2018 Midterms

A majority of white Americans cannot be counted on to vote against Donald Trump in the 2018 midterm elections on November 6th.

As a man of conscience, decency and a freedom fighter against racism, there is one group of Americans that I have low expectations for going into the midterms: A majority of white Americans. And when I see media fixated on trying to validate their dangerous allegiance to Trump, it’s a cause of concern.

Moreover, as an African American, I had to live through a 2016 presidential election that showed 63% of white men and 53% of white women voted for a self-identified sexual predator, racist and narcissistic psychopath. Yes, we can talk about the alleged or real deficiencies of Hillary Clinton as a candidate, the anti-democratic electoral college and unwelcome intervention of the FBI, but this election was about the character of a certain segment of our nation. And unfortunately, a majority of white Americans revealed a part of their character by voting for a sick and dangerous man because he tapped into their hearts and minds.

We must remember, military and intelligence officers, along with esteemed mental health professionals warned America that Trump was going to be a national security risk, and his actions in office have been worse than many would have imagined. Trump may be the first American president charged with treason as more information comes out about his involvement with Russia. There’s more we’re going to learn how Trump might have obstructed justice at the expense of national security - and there is growing concern that Trump is a compromised asset of a foreign adversarial government (Russia). Even with this alarming evidence of Trump’s conduct, it’s an indictment of our country that this man has not been impeached already.

So yes, I am going into the midterms not expecting much when it comes to the majority of white Americans because it is clear that the ongoing support that Trump and Republicans have received over the past two years is a reflection of their willful alliance with raw racism. Trump regularly violates the constitution and repeatedly attempts to dismantle democratic institutions, yet millions of white Americans will help Republicans keep the House and/or the Senate.

Yes, I am nervous about the midterms because I worry about the psychological well-being of the millions of white Americans that consume hundreds of hours of white nationalist TV on Fox and radio with the Rush Limbaughs of the world. These are the same people that have turned a blind eye to the widespread corruption and wink at the white supremacists within the Trump administration that crafts policy.

Yes, I am nervous about the midterms because there are too many white Americans around the country that have placed whiteness above their human interest. I pray for those white Americans who continue to vote for Trump and the Republican agenda as they watch their family members die as a result of shutdown rural hospitals by white Republicans. This all because of their destructive belief that it’s better to die white than to get coverage from an empathic former black president.

I pray for those misguided, but consequential number of white Americans around the country who continue to support Trump and the Republican Party even though they vigorously supported a corporate culture of legalized stealing and abuse that resulted in 19 trillion dollars of lost household wealth – with the intent on creating the conditions for it to happen again. These same vultures are coming for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, yet millions of white Americans will vote for Republicans around the country to keep them in office. This goes beyond rational thinking. This speaks to something deeper -a perverse emptiness from within and it’s something that I want no part of.

The majority of white Americans who will likely vote for Republicans around the country are doing so with a narcissistic blindness that imperils the country. It is not black and brown Americans doing the hating or dividing in America. We are not the ones voting in majorities that are putting sexual predators and racists in high office. We are not the ones singing “The Jews will not replace us”. We are not the ones going into schools, churches, theatres and synagogues killing Americans with AR-15 rifles. We are not the ones blowing up government buildings -and we are not the ones killing white Americans at country music concerts. The biggest threat to America is white, male, domestic terrorism.

The midterms are not a referendum on Trumpism, it is a referendum on the awakening of goodness, compassion, morality, empathy, conscience, truth and love of something bigger than ourselves. As I’ve tried to outline here, a majority of white Americans cannot be counted on to do the right thing in voting out against every Republican running for office. And we cannot let them define this country for us.

I pray for them just as much as I reject what they stand for. Our focus in moving forward should be developing a coalition of Americans that want to shatter the lies of white supremacy, create a moral and ethical society rooted in the development of empathetic people, policies and leaders. Regardless of what happens Tuesday on election night, all Americans are welcome on this train. Will you join us?

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