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Two years ago, the day after the 2016 election was the first of many dark days that followed it. Today, with the midterm results hanging in the air like the pending results of a biopsy, I'm feeling both anxious and energized. Anxious, obviously, for the results to be announced at long last, knowing that if there's a repeat of the shocking outcome of 2016, we're in for greater darkness -- tragedies unlike we've seen in this country for decades.

On the other hand, I'm energized as I think back through all of the fights we've both won and lost. I'm energized by the spirits, too, of allies who departed from the trenches too soon. Specifically, I'm thinking about my friend and podcast partner, Chez Pazienza, who died a few short months into this dark ride.

I'm still convinced Chez was so overwhelmed by the prospect of experiencing four-plus years of Donald Trump's ridiculousness and damage that he backslid into old habits and addictions, ultimately taking his life. My vote on Tuesday is dedicated in his memory. While it's my name on the voter rolls, my vote belongs to him.

This is about Chez, who's joined by other heroes like Heather Heyer; it's about the kids at Parkland; it's about Puerto Rico; it's about the 11 Jewish men and women, including slain Holocaust survivors in Pittsburgh; it's about the boys and girls in internment camps being punished for seeking the freedom and safety of an America that might not exist any more.

This election is about the sacrifice of citizen activists and so many others who've faced down this rising tide of fascism, nihilism, and rank political trolling to either defeat it or, in some cases, to be defeated by it. Regardless of the outcome of each battle, it's also about all of the new and old voices who've dedicated so much time, resources, energy -- even their personal safety and freedom to the Resistance.

This election is about pushing back against the bullying, the ceaseless indignities, the criminality, the incompetence, the unearned self-glorification, the relentlessly screeching id of this president, and all of the damage he's manufacturing in the name of toxic populism.

This election is about finally holding Trump and his co-conspirators accountable for hijacking democracy and cheating our fellow taxpayers. It's about subpoena power and House chairmanships switching from turnkey Trump loyalists to unblinking, tenacious House Democrats who won't hesitate to hold public hearings to interrogate the roster of usual suspects, at long last.

This election is about all of the crap we've endured, even going back to the day Trump first descended the escalator at Trump Tower. From the daily whining to the gratuitous celebrations to the grinning white faces in the Rose Garden after the Republican House voted for the umpteenth time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It's about the cheering and high-fives when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the devilish smirk of Mitch McConnell when he denied Merrick Garland even a cursory meet-and-greet to the endless list of trespasses against decency and decorum by this reckless president and his undeserved impunity.

This election is about pushing back against the propaganda and psyops whether by Russia or the domestic conservative entertainment complex that's so thoroughly brainwashed millions of Americans, turning them against facts and reality in the name of ratings and profit. This is about defying the right-wing screechers who lie to their audiences in order to sell more swag festooned with hate.

This election is about redirecting this nation closer to truly proportional representation in which women and minorities finally gain seats at the table equal to or even greater than their population. 

This election is about flanking the Trump machine, with the possibility of total victory another two years away. This is about an Herculean advance toward humiliating Trumpism and all of its vileness out of existence.

Tomorrow, here's to hoping the tide will turn.

One day to go...

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