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Win or Lose (But Especially Win) the Midterms, The Fight Against Trump Isn't Over

A huge win could be even more dangerous than a narrow loss if we stop fighting.

On Tuesday, a blue wave is going to demolish the Republican Party across the United States, up and down the ballot. From dog catcher to school boards to governor, Democrats are going to stomp on the GOP and send a clear message to the right that their embrace of Trump's white nationalist fascism will not be tolerated. 

Alternatively, massive systemic voter suppression combined with overt election rigging and a judicious use of onsite voter intimidation will hand Republicans another razor-thin victory, at least enough to keep control of the House if not dog catcher.

This second scenario is not as unlikely as we may wish to believe but either way, the fight is far from over. No matter what happens, Trump will still be squatting in the Oval Office like a bloated orange tumor. He will still be abusing his power to attack his enemies. He will still be undermining the rule of law. He will still be trying to shatter the nation into warring factions because he can hide in chaos.

The reality is that a massive victory may actually be more dangerous to the left than a narrow loss or even a narrow win. If we lose or just barely squeak out a win, we'll be disappointed but ready to keep fighting. If we annihilate Republicans, on the other hand, all of the tension that's been built up since 2016 will find release and it's far too possible that many of us will roll over and go to sleep.

It's understandable, Trump is fucking exhausting! But that's by design. This is what authoritarians do the world over. They spread chaos and confusion until the population gives up. By constantly throwing new outrages at us daily, sometimes hourly, we can't focus and become overwhelmed. 

Collectively punching Trump right in his stupid face would be amazingly cathartic but patting ourselves on the back for a job well done and then clocking out until 2020 would be disastrous. 

A cornered animal is most dangerous and Trump is as feral and rabid as it gets. The reason he's been out almost every day whipping up nativist fear and rage against a caravan of refugees over a thousand miles away (most of whom will never reach our border) isn't that he cares about the Republican Party. Trump, after months of being warned, has finally figured out that a House (and possibly Senate) controlled by the Democrats can and will put him in immense and immediate legal jeopardy. 

Even if the Dems don't take the House (but definitely sooner if they do), Trump almost certainly plans to fire/remove Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein immediately after the election. Possibly Jeff Sessions as well. He will then have Special Consul Robert Mueller removed under false pretenses and try to shut down the probe into his criminal activities. He will have to do this before the Democrats take control of the House so we have to be ready to flood the streets. If we're so relieved over a big victory, that's not going to happen and Trump will get away with it.

And that's just for starters. With a massive victory against him, Trump will spend the next two years plotting how to steal the 2020 election. That will require even more extreme rhetoric to fire up his base. More attacks on the vulnerable to keep his base excited about Trump as president. Working with Republicans to suppress the vote on a national level. Claiming the midterms are illegitimate so his Brownshirts will carry out increasingly violent terrorist attacks to scare Democrats out of office or to keep them from running in two years. If you think that last part sounds insane, you clearly do not know American history. 

No matter what happens on Tuesday, but especially if we kick Trump and his white nationalist cult in the balls, we have to keep kicking them as hard as possible until they crawl back in the shadows and stay there. The next two years are going to be even worse than the last two. Trump will lash out on a daily basis at this enemies. His violent terrorist base will escalate their attacks on us because something something "patriotism." Republicans will scheme to steal the 2020 election because power is all that matters to them.

We are at war with roughly 60 million of our fellow Americans. They want nothing more than to end American democracy and usher in a fascist state run on white nationalism and terrorism. That kind of fight doesn't end after one election, or even four or five. I expect to be fighting this until the day I die and for my children to be fighting it as well. If we're lucky, my grandchildren will only have to read about that time America almost died when they're in college.

I know this isn't the rousing pep talk everyone wants the day before a potentially huge victory but we got where we are because we were lazy and complacent while the right plotted and schemed and cheated nonstop for over 40 years. Now it's our time to rise up and stomp fascism and white nationalism into the dust again because that's what we do. It's the great American pastime. The Confederacy lost. The Nazis lost. Their bastard offspring the modern GOP will lose, too. But only if we fight and keep fighting until the Republican Party is destroyed and white nationalists are ashamed to show their face in public again.