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Marco Rubio Forgets His Ethnicity, Mocks Liberals For Defending 14th Amendment

Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, mocked liberals for supporting the 14th Amendment after Trump threatened to end birthright citizenship.
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Rubio: carrying water for racists

Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, took to Twitter today to mock liberals for supporting the 14th Amendment after president Trump recently declared he would end birth right citizenship. 

"History will remember this as the week liberal politicians & legal “scholars” transformed into constitution originalists," tweeted Rubio. "...well at least as it relates to the 14th Amendment."

Rubio appears to find it hilarious that liberals are fighting to preserve constitutional rights that allowed him to become an American citizen. Given neither of Rubio's parents were citizens when he was born, you might think that the junior Senator from Florida might have noticed the irony of his position. Self reflection and Republicanism however, do not go hand in hand. 

This isn't the first time Rubio has made thinly veiled attacks on immigrants. Last week he tweeted this: 

Rubio is clearly trying to play a clever game here -- he knows immigration is a hot button topic for conservatives, so he is doing his best to appease them by trolling the left and making vague references to immigrant crime. As a Cuban American, Rubio also needs to tread very carefully so as not to alienate millions of potential Hispanic voters, so his statements are innocuous and difficult to make sense of. 

Take for example, Rubio's stance on Trump's policy of detaining children at the border and separating them from their parents. Here's what he said back in June of this year: 

Rubio pained tweet was an attempt to take both sides on the deeply divisive issue -- a cowardly position given his own family history. Rubio's own grandfather illegally tried to get into the United States without a visa and was order to be deported before immigration officials took pity on him and allowed him to stay. 

Given president Trump has made illegal immigration central to his midterm strategy, Rubio understands that coming out in favor of treating immigrants humanly is not exactly a vote winner. The GOP is now the party of Trump, and the party of Trump is deeply ignorant, and deeply racist. So instead of speaking up for people who traveled to America the same way his immediate ancestors did, Rubio created a hashtag on twitter calling for the authorities to lock them up together.  

Perhaps Rubio's light skin makes him think his family weren't really immigrants -- that his predominantly European ancestry entitles him to special privileges in America. Or perhaps Rubio is just a shameless hack who lacks the most basic sense of decency. Either way, the fact that he would prevent his own family from entering the country to get more votes from white racists says all you need to know about him.