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Michael Cohen Reveals Trump's "Chilling" Racism Toward Blacks

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen reveals the president told him "blacks are too stupid to vote for me"
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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen revealed in detail just how deeply racist president of the United States really is. Speaking to Emily Jane Fox, Cohen provided extremely troubling statements made by Trump that go far beyond what we have heard in public.

Cohen reportedly called the president's comments "chilling" -- an accurate description of the president's statements if true (and there is no reason to believe they are not).  Cohen states that Trump:

* Believes black people are "too stupid to vote for me". 

* Believes all countries run by black people are 'shitholes'

* Believes "only blacks" could live in rough neighborhoods

* Actively stopped a black contestant on 'The Apprentice' from winning because, "There’s no way I can let this black f-g win."

Here's the passage in full: 

During our conversation, Cohen recalled a discussion at Trump Tower, following the then-candidate’s return from a campaign rally during the 2016 election cycle. Cohen had watched the rally on TV and noticed that the crowd was largely Caucasian. He offered this observation to his boss. “I told Trump that the rally looked vanilla on television. Trump responded, ‘That’s because black people are too stupid to vote for me.’” (The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment.)

This conversation, he noted, was reminiscent of an exchange that the two men had engaged in years earlier, after Nelson Mandela’s death. “[Trump] said to me, ‘Name one country run by a black person that’s not a shithole,’ and then he added, ‘Name one city,’” Cohen recalled, a statement that echoed the president’s alleged comments about African nations earlier this year. (White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied those comments at the time. She added that “no one here is going to pretend like the president is always politically correct—he isn’t.” She subsequently noted that it was “one of the reasons the American people love him.”)

Cohen also recounted a conversation he had with Trump in the late 2000s, while they were traveling to Chicago for a Trump International Hotel board meeting. “We were going from the airport to the hotel, and we drove through what looked like a rougher neighborhood. Trump made a comment to me, saying that only the blacks could live like this.” After the first few seasons of The Apprentice, Cohen recalled how he and Trump were discussing the reality show and past season winners. The conversation wended its way back to the show’s first season, which ended in a head-to-head between two contestants, Bill Rancic and Kwame Jackson. “Trump was explaining his back-and-forth about not picking Jackson,” an African-American investment manager who had graduated from Harvard Business School. “He said, ‘There’s no way I can let this black f-g win.’” (Jackson told me that he had heard that the president made such a comment....)

Unfortunately, none of this is going to damage Trump with his supporters. They either won't believe it, or don't care. Trump has survived allegations of serious sexual assault, bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, openly called women "pigs", "dogs", and "slobs", made viciously racist comments about African and black countries, called Mexicans "drug dealers, criminals and rapists", and lied about everything from his inauguration crowd size to millions of imaginary illegal immigrants committing voter fraud.

The only way to make the president pay for his abhorrent views and disgusting behavior is to vote on November 6th to ensure Democrats can finally hold him to account. No leader in the 21st century should be able to get away with this, and it is time Trump faces the full extent of the backlash he has created.