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Donald Trump is clearly terrified. He's terrified of a number of things including the fact that Adam Schiff will become the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee if the Democrats have a good day on Tuesday. Likewise, Jerry Nadler will become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Between these two panels, the investigation into Trump's criminality and potentially his impeachment will begin in earnest two months from right now.

Trump's also terrified at the thought that his son, Don Junior, and possibly both his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter, Ivanka, will all be subpoenaed to appear before both the House Intelligence and the House Judiciary committees. We're talking public hearings for hours on end, possibly for multiple days. The same goes for both Trump's campaign and White House staffers as well. 

Worse for Trump, we learned this week about the newly declassified road-map for Richard Nixon's would-be impeachment, which included the grand jury in that case handing down its findings to the House Judiciary Committee, suggesting criminal activity by Nixon in the Watergate affair. The allegations are strikingly similar to the allegations facing Trump. All told, it's increasingly likely that Mueller's report and perhaps the findings of the grand jury will be handed down to a Democratic House.

This means that while Trump will gain a new enemy to ridicule and demonize on Twitter like the screeching toddler he is, he'll also face the most harrowing set of obstacles in his entire professional career, and definitely the most harrowing consequences.

How do we know Trump's afraid?

This monstrosity, for one:

Yep. The Trump-Republicans just put out an ad so obviously racist that makes the Willie Horton ad from 1988 look like one of those irritatingly catchy Wayfair commercials. 

There's no such thing as a "dog-whistle" any more. The Republicans are going with the direct route now: electing Democrats will mean brown people will murder you. The pro-slavery fire-eaters of the 1850s would be so proud. This is exactly the kind of rhetoric they used back then against Abraham Lincoln: elect Abe and freed slaves will kill you. (By the way, the fire-eaters were Democrats, but in those days, Southern "Dixiecrats" as they eventually became known were conservatives: pro-states rights, anti-abolitionism, and so on.)

We also know Trump is terrified because, as part of his campaign stunt at the border, he's choosing to escalate his threat by appearing to confirm that our troops have been authorized to fire back at any refugees who throw rocks. Yes, Trump, the commander-in-chief, wants our soldiers to fire into crowds that'd absolutely include women and children, not to mention men who didn't touch a rock or similar.

All of this shit? Trump thinks it makes him look tough. He thinks this will scare enough stupid uneducated white people into voting for Republicans on Tuesday. Instead, it makes him look like a frightened little boy, scrambling for votes by conjuring invisible enemies. 

I believe these things will backfire, making him look weak. They make Trump seem more desperate and shaken than he lets on by the prospect of a Democratic House. They make Trump look as if he's willing to ignore the rule of law -- even to ignore troop morale by using our fighting men and women as political props to save him from the grasp of Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler.

Plus, in less than 24 hours, he's further energized the Latinx vote, as well as the anti-racism, anti-fascism vote, while only managing to reinforce the votes of assholes who were planning to vote for him anyway.

Trump is terrified and you can see it on his face and in these pathetic videos.

Five days to go...