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Desperation and Inbreeding Lead to the Failed "Plot" to Smear Mueller

By empowering morons, the right has rendered itself intellectually damaged and they're going to pay for it in the midterms.

If you haven't had a good belly laugh over it yet, take a moment to peruse the details of the unbelievably stupid "plot" hatched by right-wing super geniuses Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl. Between using headshots of famous actors and supermodels to "staff" their fake company "Surefire Intelligence" to, well, this bit of insanity, "Wohl stopped responding to NBC News after being told Surefire's official phone number redirects to his mother's voicemail," the entire operation felt more like the game Operation. We're talking the strictly amateur hour here.

But the right is desperate with a capital "D." Sure, they might keep the Senate but the House is a lost cause as are the Governor's mansions of a few key swing states. That means endless investigations of Trump's endless corruption. Trump will no longer be in control of the narrative with a fully compliant Congress and if Trump can't control the narrative, people are going to start noticing just how bad he is at his job and exactly what Republicans have been doing for the last two years. That's a disaster they cannot afford.

Worse, with the loss of control of key swing states, all that lovely gerrymandering and voter suppression gets undone and there goes the baked in House majority Republicans need. The White House becomes almost unattainable again without a perfect storm and that storm gets harder and harder to recreate every year that millions of old racist white Baby Boomers die to be replaced by much more diverse and less racist Millennial voters.

So some of the right's best and brightest came up with a plan to boost the anger on the right, demoralize the left, and take out one of Trump's worst enemies at the same time by faking a #MeToo moment. And it would have worked, too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids! Also, if the entire idea hadn't been so fucking stupid in the first place.

Here's what I mean when I say "inbreeding" lead to this "plot." The right wing only talks to itself. They talk at the rest of us but they only hear themselves. And because of this intellectual inbreeding, they've convinced themselves that women really do lie about sexual assault for fame and money despite the fact that none of them can name a single one of Bill Cosby's 60 accusers. Hell, they can't name any of Harvey Weinstein's accusers. That just happened last year and some of them are famous actresses still working in Hollywood right now. 

They've also convinced themselves that women like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford were being paid to lie so it must be pretty easy to set up a fake #MeToo moment to crush anyone they want. This is a result of the dumbing down of the right. Decades of Fox News, AM Hate Radio, and right-wing hate sites has short-circuited their ability to reason. Facts are the enemy. Expertise is the enemy. College is for snobs. Lies are great because even when you're caught, you just yell at whoever exposed you as part of the liberal media and it all goes away. And to help you do that, there's an entire right-wing media machine designed to protect you from the Bad Guys and their fact-based reality.

But there's a limit to this and Wohl and Burkman exceeded it by an order of magnitude. They not only managed to make themselves a laughing stock, but there's a very good chance they're facing jail time over this. The Gateway Pundit, already a joke, will be lucky if Mueller doesn't sue them out of existence for running the story. And now everyone knows that the right is terrified of Robert Mueller, making any move against him even more difficult. A polite round of golf clapping for the bungling buffoons, please.

There are still plenty of smart people in the right but they're being outnumbered by the imbeciles they've cultivated as a base and who are now moving into positions of influence. When you've rendered your base as dumb as a stump, there's no guarantee that they're going to follow clever little you instead of the loudest most belligerent moron in the crowd. That's how Trump took over and what we're watching unfold today with the dumbest frame job of all time won't be the end of the right's humiliation. It only goes downhill from here.

Next week, let Wohl and Burkman know how much you appreciate their attempts at being criminal masterminds and vote blue.