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Trump Is Trying to Use the Massacre of Jews as a Photo Op

If you thought there was a limit to Trump's inhumanity, you haven't been paying attention.

Because in Trumpland, everything is about Trump, the soulless monster squatting in the Oval Office is trying to make the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh about, of course, himself. 

That would be bad enough. As Rachel Maddow explained last night, Pittsburgh's mayor already politely asked that Trump stay away until after the funerals for, at the very least, logistical reasons. There's also the fact that Trump's white nationalist rhetoric is directly responsible for the terrorist act that left 11 Jews dead at the hands of a rabid antisemite. 

But wait, it gets worse.

It's hard to overstate just how callous and inhuman you have to be to use the grieving as props. It's even harder to wrap your head around the number of people involved in trying to make it happen through deception. It's impossible for normal people to conceive of just how sick you have to be to be the person responsible for the carnage and still think to use it to your political advantage like this.

But that's how twisted and depraved the Trump White House is. This is who is running our nation and leading it down the path of violence and white nationalism. The same night that 11 Jews were slaughtered in the worst antisemitic attack in America history, Trump had another rally because canceling it would have deprived him of his fun. Mike Pence has a "Christian Rabbi" come out to say a prayer for Republicans instead of the victims of right-wing terrorism because having an actual Rabbi pray for Jewish victims might seem like Republicans actually care about Jews too much.

These people are as unamerican as it gets and an insult to everything this country stands for. They have to go. Next Tuesday, send them a message as loud and as clear as you can: America is better than you and your disgusting hate are not welcome here.