Trump and his political movement did not create the American crisis of masculinity -- it is a product of it. It must be defeated at all costs in the coming months and years, but then the real work has to begin. And that is by taking on the monster within us all.

There is little I have in common with Cesar Sayoc, the man allegedly responsible for sending bombs to CNN and other prominent Democrats, or Robert Bowers, the terrorist who murdered 11 elderly Jews at the Synagogue of Life in Pittsburgh. But they are men who once had hopes, dreams and aspirations just like myself. And just as they had violent, angry impulses that manifested themselves in terrifying ways, I too struggle with the same instincts that most men are born with. So I can, if I put my mind to it, attempt to understand where these men and their hate is coming from.... To continue reading this article, please go here. As a Banter Member you'll get access to our beautiful, ad free digital magazine 'Banter M', and will be supporting fearless independent media at a critical moment in history. Thank you!