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An Open Letter To Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson asked his followers how we got "to a place where it's normal that two parts of the country despise each other". Here is my response.
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Dear Tucker, 

Yesterday, you tweeted the following statement to your followers about the increasingly bitter divide in America today: 

"How'd we get to a place where it's normal that two parts of the country despise each other That you can imagine the other side encouraging terror?" you wrote. 

"Our thinking changed," you go on. "We stopped debating politics & ideas & started attacking others for things we can't change, for who we are."

After reading this tweet, I became consumed with anger, an almost uncontrollable rage that I wanted to unleash on you. I am a very reasonable person, and the fact that you can have this effect on me is a testament to how divisive you are. Your statement is so astonishingly hypocritical that I'm sure you must be aware of it on some level -- and that, I think, was probably the point of it. 

The fact that you have spent that past year and a half shilling for Donald Trump and promoting thinly veiled ethno-nationalism (as even your colleagues at Fox have admitted) means your tweet was probably designed to troll the left. You present yourself as a reasonable conservative who just wants to "debate politics and ideas", but that is not how the vast majority of the country sees you, and you know it. Your politics have become more extreme over time, more nationalistic, and more inline with the neo-fascism promoted by Donald Trump. 

I'm not sure you really believe in what you are saying, but Fox News promoted you to the primetime 8pm spot during the Trump era for a reason. It was to provide intellectual cover for the president's vile politics, and to pay you handsomely for it. You have taken to your new role like a duck to water, and are now so comfortable maligning immigrants, women, and black people that it has now become second nature. You have openly stated that you believe diversity makes America weak -- a clear signal to your white nationalist followers that you stand with them. You won't say racist things overtly, but like many prominent conservative white males before you, you have perfected the art of the dogwhistle. In fact, sometimes, you don't even bother, as we witnessed during your disgusting support for locking immigrant children in cages and separating them from their parents (liberals don't care about American children! you claimed).  

You have carved out quite a convenient little niche for yourself -- you exist now fully in the Alt Right/pro Trump bubble and get paid millions to stay there. You don't need to interact with the other side anymore, you can just invite them on to mock as red meat for your audience. As the "Tucker Owns a Libtard" clips proliferate on YouTube, so does your stature as the new face of conservative power in America. 

For you to wonder out loud why different parts of the country "despise each other" is to insult the intelligence of millions of decent Americans who are desperate to rid their country of the madmen currently running it. You cannot think that this is normal, that a man so morally depraved, so stupid, and so inconceivably ill equipped to run the country is a better alternative to Democratic Party. You likely do not, but your paycheck ensures you keep very, very quiet about it. The mental gymnastics you do to get around this moral conundrum is impressive to say the least. You claim that liberalism and the "angry left" is the biggest threat to America as your president burns the country and everything it stands for to the ground. 

I think you also know where this might all lead, and you are hedging your bets for the future. A Trump presidency could well mean the end of American democracy (as many prominent conservative thinkers have warned), and you want to be on the winning team should it go to hell. And if it doesn't, well, you've made your millions and can disappear with your wife and kids to a rich conservative enclave where you can eat at expensive restaurants without being heckled. 

This, as I have argued before, makes you one of the most dangerous people in America. You have nothing to lose and only more money to make promoting your nasty brand of preppy racism, and that's clearly what you intend to keep doing. But please, spare us the sanctimonious tweets about the country you are actively helping to destroy. We stopped debating politics, and ideas, and started attacking others because people like you make millions of dollars doing it.