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Racist "Poll Watcher" Arrested For Threatening Black Man at NC Early Voting Site

But there's a twist! The man they were attempting to terrorize was...a Republican.

Two years ago in the run-up to the 2016 election, white nationalists announced that they were going to drive black voters away from the polls:

Leaders of the Oath Keepers, the National Socialist Movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and the American Freedom Party told Politico that they intend to monitor polling places “informally” or on behalf of the Trump campaign.

"Poll watching" is how white conservative voters say "terrorize brown people so they won't vote." They've been doing it since blacks first got the right to vote in 1870 and they're still doing it today. 

But sometimes they're not terribly smart about it:

Officials say when officers arrived on the scene, a black man said he was working at the voting location when he saw the armed man in the parking lot with a camera taking pictures or recording the polling location.

Police say the armed man approached the campaign worker - a retired detective - and began hurling racial slurs, according to a report from CMPD.

The report stated the campaign worker said the armed man threatened to assault him before lifting his shirt and displaying a handgun which was in a holster on his belt.

The intent was clear: Spook the black people voting so they'd leave. A few problems with this master plan, though. First, the armed idiot and his two imbecile friends stood still long enough to have their picture taken. That made it super easy for the police to identify them. Smooth. Second, their target, Derek Partee, is a Republican. For now, at least. Very counterproductive. Third, as a retired cop, he was probably the worst person they could have done this to. He knew exactly what to look for, how to report it, and the police will listen to another cop, retired or no. Bang up job, fellas!

I make light but this is not going to be an isolated incident. Trump's Brownshirts are going to be out in force between now and election day. The longer Trump is in the White House egging them on, the bolder and more violent they're going to get. We're already seeing white nationalist groups rioting in the streets while the police stand by and do nothing, a courtesy they would never extend to the left. The police can barely get through a peaceful liberal protest that merely blocks the road without using pepper spray and tear gas yet seem to have infinite patience for white power gangs to viciously attack people with impunity.

Voter suppression doesn't always come from legislation and the terrorists of the right have never felt safer than they do now.