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White Power Social Media Platforms Are Growing and It's Going to Get Ugly

Who needs Facebook and Twitter with all those different opinions? Just make your own super racist version!
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A few years ago, the right tried to make its own version of Twitter and Facebook. They were tired of having to talk to all of those pesky liberals and really just wanted to be able to share racist memes with each other and talk about the good ol' days where the darkies knew their place without worrying about it going viral and possibly costing them their job. These sites were, to put it bluntly, awful. But that was when white Republican voters thought they were ascendant and that they were going to make America great again. They didn't have to try very hard because everything was coming up Trump.

Now that they've come out of the shadows and let their fascist flag fly high and proud, white Republican voters have suddenly discovered that America is not actually a radical right-wing nation and that fascists and white nationalist are somehow loathed by a nation built on immigration and liberty. Instead of being greeted as welcome liberators, white Republican voters saying out loud all the racist and asshole things they wisely kept to themselves all these years are being treated like, shock of all shocks, racists and assholes. Who'd have thunk it? 

And there's no place to hide! They can't even post their innermost hate on the privacy of their public social media page! It's so weird! It's almost like when they tweet on Twitter or post to Facebook, other people can see it or something! It's so unfair! Racists keep getting fired for posting super racist stuff on social media!

To remedy this situation, white Republican voters are allegedly turning to alternative social media platforms to escape the oppressive weight of public scrutiny:

Amid a chorus of conservative complaints that Facebook and YouTube have become hostile to right-leaning views — and as those social media giants take steps to limit what they see as abusive or misleading viral content — a few Republican consultants have begun building a parallel digital universe where their political clients set the rules.

You'll be amazed to discover that those rules prohibit dissent from right-wing doctrine while encouraging the right's burgeoning white nationalism, fascism, and violence:

Anyone in the United States may download uCampaign apps, Mr. Peters said, but they give a campaign the ability to bar interlopers who post messages challenging the campaign’s positions.

The Great America app juxtaposes a mix of enthusiastic posts about Mr. Trump and photos of puppies with anti-immigrant memes like “Today’s illegals, tomorrow’s Democrats.” One recent post, with an image depicting nooses, read: “Noose flash: Treason still punishable by death.”

The Great America app also hosts a ritual called “Fake News Friday,” in which it awards “Trump points” to users who post liberal-bashing, mainstream-media-trashing memes.

In other words, they're building echo chambers that reward the most inflammatory speech with little to no regard for the hysteria and hate speech they're spreading. This is like if someone took a particularly deadly strain of airborne flu and put it in a giant open vat of supercharged growth medium in the middle of a city. Gee whiz, how did half a million people contract the flu and die all of a sudden? It's a fucking mystery.

These right-wing social media sites will, in a very short amount of time, become dominated by white nationalism and fascism. It will indoctrinate others into that mindset because that will be the only opinions they hear. All dissent will have been removed because, naturally, dissent is bad. They'll feed on the hate and it will spiral out of control just like it does on neo-Nazi forums as each person tries to one-up the other in how much they hate Those People.

And without the threat of being outed, white Republican voters will feel free to indulge their worst impulses which will lead to an escalation. As we've seen over the last three years, hate is addictive and being free to express it means you have to express it ever more strongly to get that same vindictive thrill. That's why the Trump regime is constantly ramping up the cruelty it shows to its enemies; the same level of sadism isn't enough to keep the base satisfied.

This is going to get unbelievably ugly.

Annoyingly, the New York Times frames these alternatives as "workarounds" to Facebook, thus legitimizing the completely bullshit hysteria on the right that they're being censored. But the Times has a habit of legitimizing pretty much anything the right says or does while remaining skeptical of left at all times no matter how often we're proven correct. The only upside is that since a lot of the right is fueled by trolling the left, these right-wing sites are slow to grow. They lack people to antagonize and that's kind of the point of being a right winger these days.

Still, the money is starting to flow into these platforms. In much the same way the right built an alternate news media universe to keep its base as misinformed as possible, sooner or later they're going to build an alternate social media universe to protect their flock of mindless sheep from any and all information that might actually inform them.

After all, why go through the effort of influencing social media when you can just control it directly?