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Mitt Romney Is A Traitor To His Country By Helping Republicans In The Midterms

Mitt Romney is undoing any goodwill he may have accumulated by supporting Republicans in the midterms and thereby helping Trump.
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Mitt Romney has been a firm critic of president Trump since the reality tv show host declared his candidacy for president. He was the danger Trump represented and did his best to speak out about it. 

"There's plenty of evidence that Mr. Trump is a con man, a fake," Romney said in a scathing speech in 2016. "Mr. Trump has changed his positions not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign. And on the Ku Klux Klan, daily for three days in a row."

Unlike most politicians in his corrupt party, Romney voted for his wife in the presidential election instead of Trump. It wasn't exactly helpful given he could have held his nose and voted for Clinton, but the gesture was appreciated given his stature in the GOP.

Fast forward to 2018, and Romney is quickly undoing any goodwill he may have accumulated from those dedicated to ridding America of the Trump menace. Reported Politico

After spending most of the past year quietly tending to his own race, Romney is using his formidable national profile and expansive political network to elect embattled Republicans across the country. Weeks before his virtually assured election to the Senate, the 2012 Republican standard-bearer is issuing endorsements, appearing in TV ads and fundraising for hopefuls up and down the ballot.

The burst of campaign activity is a stark reminder that the 71-year-old Romney will arrive in D.C. as much more than a typical freshman senator — and shows how he plans to use his prominence to reward allies and forge relationships.

Romney is going to bat for candidates for offices ranging from the state legislature to the U.S. Senate. 

Romney no doubt views is as just doing his bit for his party, but he is in effect, aiding and abetting Trump and his agenda. If you support the GOP at this point, you are supporting Donald Trump. The two are synonymous, and anyone trying to help Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate in the midterms is a traitor to America. 

To be clear, the GOP is complicit in absolutely everything Trump is doing. From locking children in cages and separating them from their parents to trying to obstruct justice in the Russia probe, the Republican Party has done absolutely nothing to stop Trump turning the country into a quasi-fascist state. Worse, they have supported him at every step of the way, endorsing pedophiles and rapists to the Senate and Supreme Court, all in the name of getting their wretched tax cuts through

You can now add Mitt Romney to the list of Trump enablers. He is lending his considerable influence and power to protect Trump's agenda and prevent any oversight from the Democratic party. The only way to hold Trump to account is to elect Democrats, and any truly patriotic person, liberal or conservative, understands this to be the case. When John McCain's former campaign manager Steve Schmidt officially left the GOP, he released a statement spelling this out in not uncertain terms. 

“This Independent voter will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent and remains fidelitous to our Republic, objective truth, the rule of law and our Allies," said Schmidt. "That party is the Democratic Party.” 

“I do not say this as an advocate of a progressive agenda. I say it as someone who retains belief in DEMOCRACY and decency.”

Mitt Romney apparently retains no such belief, and will go down in history as a feckless traitor to the Republic he claims to love so much.