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Tucker Carlson Can't Eat Out Anymore? Too F*cking Bad

Hold on while I break out the World's Smallest Violin™

Take a moment to cry a teeny tiny tear for Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson. He can no longer eat out at restaurants because people scream at him:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he's "not a restaurant guy anymore" because of the way he's treated when he dines out in Washington, D.C.

"I can't really go to a lot of restaurants anymore because I get yelled at," he said on a National Review podcast released Monday. "I don't feel threatened, but having someone scream, 'Fuck you!' at a restaurant, it just wrecks your meal."

This is part of the ongoing Incivil War being waged against members of the Trump regime and the media lackeys propping it up. From verbally harassing them in the streets to verbally harassing them in bars to verbally harassing them in restaurants, the soulless monsters trying to turn America into a fascist ethnostate are being driven from the public square.

For a short while, the media elite tried to be the tone police. They were simply scandalized that the left would be so rude! This is after years of those same media figures collectively shrugging their shoulders at the jaw-dropping abuse coming from the right directed at people guilty of nothing more than trying to give people healthcare and secure the civil rights of marginalized groups. Truly, these were people deserving of death threats and burning hatred.

But the media tone police found that the cluck-clucking of their tongues did nothing but invite the left to do some tone policing of its own. By the time the online tarring and feathering were done, most of the media decided that maybe they should turn in their badges. Every now and then one of them will take another stab at it but it always ends badly for them because we're done with the bullshit double standard.

Two days ago, a group of 30 fascistic bigots rampaged in Manhattan and viciously attacked at least three men while screaming anti-gay slurs. One of the bigots had a sword. The NYPD stood by and did nothing, signaling the need for a wider investigation into how deeply the NYPD is infected by far-right extremists. 24 hours later, you could hear a pin drop from all of the same people that exploded in indignation over assholes like Tucker Carlson having their dinner interrupted.

The media wants very much to depict the left as a violent mob and put in overtime to tie Antifa to the Democratic Party (which they failed completely to do because Antifa literally has no political ideology beyond "Don't be a fascist"), but here was an actual mob being actually violent and not a fucking word about civility. Oh, and the group had just come from the New York Metropolitan Republican Club. Strangely, the mainstream media doesn't seem all that interested in tying these vicious animals to the GOP.

But that's OK because the left-wing is more than happy to report the facts and those facts speak for themselves. The right is violent and twisted and cruel and they're trying to install a fascist white nationalist government in a nation of immigrants and democracy. That is why they will have no peace in public. They cannot sit and eat in a restaurant while children are torn from their parents in order to punish immigrants. They cannot walk down the street like a normal person while they plot to destroy communities of color. They don't get to be a part of public life when they treat most of the public with dripping contempt.

Tucker Carlson can't eat at restaurants anymore? Boo hoo. Fuck him. He chose to be the mouthpiece for monsters. No one forced him to spew hate and propaganda for money. He and his ilk will whine about the first amendment and their freedom of speech but as I never get tired of point out, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. Tucker Carlson is free to say whatever heinous shit he wants on Fox News every night to whip up the rabid white nationalists that watch his show. And the rest of America is free to treat him like a pariah for doing it.