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Ralph Nader Endorses Mike Bloomberg 2020 Because Ralph Nader Is an A**hole

Yes, let's listen to the guy that deliberately gave us George W. Bush.
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There is a strain of "thought" (and I use the term in the loosest possible sense) on the far left that says if we make things bad enough, the people will rise up in glorious revolution. We see this is in the ongoing idiocy that is Susan Sarandon who is more than happy to watch the world burn from the safety of her mansion. But not to be outdone, the OG revolutionary asshole Ralph Nader has one-upped her by saying, out-loud, that a Michael Bloomberg candidacy in 2020 would be a good thing:

...on the other hand, he's not your routine Wall Street guy; he's an entrepreneur and he thinks for himself. I think he could shake up the Democrat Party. I think, because I've known him and talked with him, I think he rues the day he didn't run four years ago.

Skip to 4:28 for the relevant part

Let's be clear here: Ralph Nader is not here to advance the progressive agenda. Ralph Nader is here to burn it all down to the ground. I am no Rage Against the Machine anti-Capitalist and even I find the idea of Bloomberg as the Democratic nominee to be deeply offensive. Since Nader is way to my left, it's ludicrous to think he likes Bloomberg for any reason other than it would break the Democratic Party in two.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about here, let me give you a quick history lesson. When it was clear the Democratic Party was not going to bend the knee to Nader, he decided to punish them:

That list of states where Nader was concentrating near the end of the campaign consisted of the large states that were the closest between Bush and Gore. Everyone knew that Nader’s appeal was being made to “the left,” and Nader was concentrating his campaign now on sucking foolish leftist voters away from Gore. He was claiming to be the preferable leftist candidate. He wasn’t campaigning at all to draw votes away from the conservative end of the political spectrum. So: Nader clearly was targeting to throw this “election” to Bush - and he succeeded in Florida, at doing precisely that.

This is historical record, not opinion. Nader had a very specific agenda that consisted of costing the Democrats the 2000 election. You can draw a straight line from that act of political sabotage which resulted in 20 years of bloodshed across the globe, costing the lives of millions, to where we are right now, on the brink of disaster as a nation.

During the 2016 election, Nader was, naturally, a rabid Hillary hater for her "corruption" and "ties to Wall Street" and (insert your favorite nonsensical far left talking point here). But now, in 2018, we're supposed to believe he's OK with Bloomberg, a literal Wall Street billionaire?


He wants Bloomberg because he knows the entire progressive movement would reject him like a diseased kidney transplant. It would be even worse than their rejection of Hillary with the added benefit of actually being honest this time. Bloomberg would also be rejected by minorities because of his years trying to turn the NYPD into America's most racist police force. I'm super white and even I haven't forgotten how fucked up "Stop and Frisk" was. Nader knows all of this so it's clear he wants the Democratic Party to tear itself apart while fascists and white nationalists are on the cusp of turning America into an ethnocentric police state.

Ralph Nader is no progressive. He is no hero to the far left. He is a piece of trash that has the blood of millions staining his hands and is best ignored and forgotten.

Update: The language of this article has been toned down a bit to make it less inflammatory.