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Emails Reveal Trump is Weaponizing the Census. What Happens Now?

What is our recourse when every branch of government has been corrupted?

We already knew Trump's Commerce Secretary, George Wilbur, was lying to Congress when he said there was a legitimate reason to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. But now we have concrete proof he's a liar and that Republicans are, in fact, using the Census as a power grab:


In other words, Republicans want to stop undocumented immigrants from being counted on the Census because that would reduce, on paper, the population of large cities where most of them reside. And large cities tend to vote, wait for it, Democratic.

The Washington Post elaborates:

If the estimated population in major metro areas is removed from each state’s population — which assumes that all undocumented immigrants are currently counted in the census, which is not true — the resulting change in the apportionment of House seats would mean, for example, that California loses two House seats. Texas would lose one, but the net swing would add two to red states and take two from blue states.

But the Constitution doesn't say anything about the Census only applying to citizens or our laws excluding non-citizens. This is a fantasy that white nationalists invented as an excuse to deprive the undocumented of their civil rights. It does not matter if you are a citizen or not. If you live in the United States, you are entitled to representation. That is what the citizenship question is attempting to subvert.

But what happens now? We have absolute proof Ross lied and that the question is wholly political in nature. The Republican-controlled Congress will do nothing. And even after we take back both chambers in January, Republicans will simply block anything the Democrats try to do. Worse, when the case makes its way through the courts, it's obvious that the illegitimate Supreme Court will vote along party lines to uphold the Republican plan to weaponize the Census in violation of every constitutional principle they swore to uphold. Party over country every time.

I don't have the answer but we better come up with one because we cannot rely on the government to save us from itself. The GOP has so thoroughly corrupted every branch that we cannot expect anything but the continuing slow-motion coup of Republicans stealing elections and suppressing our vote.