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Dear Republican Voters: Stop Blaming the Left. You're Trash. Own It

It's weird how some mean words from a liberal can make conservatives vote for white nationalism...

There's a narrative conservatives (and sometimes the media) love to push when trying to explain away how people who say they don't support Trump still somehow can't stop themselves from blindly voting for Republicans:

Yes, it's the "Why do you keep making me hit you?" defense and, let me tell you, ain't nobody buying it anymore.

It had a good run, though. The right used it for years to defend voting for the very worst people they could find by blaming the left. We were so mean to them! We called them racist and greedy and cruel so, naturally, they were simply forced to go out and vote for the most racist, most greedy, and most sadistic people they could find. And then they would blame us for the declining state of their party.

Well, those days are well and fucking over. 60+ million people foamed at the mouth to vote for an incoherent imbecile who promised to deliver unspeakable cruelty to everyone white Republican voters hated. Moderates had a choice: Walk away from their party or jump on the Trump Train to fascism and white nationalism.

A hell of a lot of them put on their walking shoes and crossed the aisle. David Frum, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, and most recently Max Boot, and others have abandoned the Republican Party and become voting Democrats; not out of a sudden love of progressive values, but because they understand the existential threat the GOP under Trump has become to American democracy.

But then there's the Erick Ericksons of the right who decided that, gee golly whiz, those lefties are just so goshdarn mean that he just has to throw in with monsters:

As Erickson writes, “Trump is neither an ambassador for my values nor the articulate champion of my principles I would prefer. But he is a safe harbor in a progressive storm that seeks to both destroy my values and upend our constitutional republic.”

But what values are those? Free trade? Trump is a tariff-loving protectionist. Fiscal responsibility? The debt and deficit have exploded under Trump. A strong foreign policy? We've never been weaker unless you count yelling "We're #1!" really loud as strength. Free market? Trump is using the government to reward his allies and punish his enemies. Small government? We're handing out billions to farmers to buy votes for Trump. 

As for upending the constitutional republic, Erickson was suspiciously quiet when Republicans abused the filibuster, blocked dozens of judicial appointments and stole a Supreme Court seat. He also no longer seems to mind Trump trying to turn the Department of Justice into his own personal mob enforcement agency or his obvious plans to use the Supreme Court to shield himself from criminal prosecution. If Erickson is OK with having a president who is, for all intents and purposes, an unaaccountable emperor (but only when that president is a Republican), then he should shut the fuck up about how "concerned" he is about the state of the republic. He clearly doesn't give a shit.

And that goes for all the sniveling little pissants hiding behind their hurt feelings as the reason they're still voting for Republicans: Fuck off. Every last one of you is a fucking liar. 

You're trash. You've always been trash. When liberals were polite, you were trash. When liberals got a little rude, you were still trash. Now that we're tired of your shit and treating you like the trash you are, you're mortally offended and blaming us for being trash? Get the fuck out of here. 

You laugh at sexual assault victims. You cheer Latino children being tortured. You get off on police murdering unarmed black men. You mock the disabled. You send death threats to high school students opposed to guns. You call for the murder of homosexuals. You. Are. Trash.

I know it's hard to look in the mirror and realize that you're the worst that humanity has to offer but you made that choice. No one forced you to be a garbage person. You did that. You. You can stop any time you want, too. But you won't because deep down inside, you like being trash. Own it. That's why you love Trump so much. He told you that being trash is OK and you thought you could come out of the shadows and walk tall as a garbage person.

It's not working out the way you thought it would and that's pissing you off so very, very much but I couldn't care less. Blame us all you want for your weakness. No one believes your whining bullshit anymore. Not even you. You're trash and in four weeks, America is going to take the trash out.