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Trump Mocks Al Franken For Folding "Like A Wet Rag" After Sexual Assault Allegations

Trump mocked former Minnesota Senator Al Franken for resigning after sexual misconduct allegations were made against him.
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Adding insult to injury on a day when it looks like the future of women's rights in America are coming to an end, president Trump mocked former Minnesota Senator Al Franken for resigning after sexual misconduct allegations were made against him. 

"Boy, did he fold up like a wet rag. Man, man, he was gone so fast," Trump said at a rally in Minnesota. "It was like, 'oh, he did something,' 'oh I resign. I quit.'"

The quote from Trump is revealing on a number of levels. The first is that he sees sexually assaulting women as mark of manliness. In his warped reality, that's just what men do. Trump believes men can "grab em by the pussy" and "do anything" to women if they have fame and power, and he cannot understand men who don't. 

Second, he believes that men who do the right thing and excuse themselves from public roles after they have been exposed, are cowards. Franken, in his eyes, could have just refused to acknowledge what he had done and gone on with his career without a second thought. 

Third, Trump appears to understand his revolting audience well. The rally he spoke at thought the line was hilarious, and the insult provided a brutal insight into the vile misogynistic culture they are a part of. 

While many liberals disagree with Franken's decision to resign, I did not. Franken's crimes may not be comparable to someone like Trump -- who, it must be remembered, raped his own wife and was accused of sexually assaulting dozens of others. But they were unacceptable and completely inappropriate, particularly for a sitting United State Senator. 

Franken has maintained that his behavior was not unacceptable, but resigned anyway in order to not tar the Democratic Party. I don't think this went far enough, but Franken ultimately did the right thing and should be commended for his decision. 

If anything highlights the difference between the two political parties in America it is this. One takes sexual assault and misconduct seriously and is willing to harshly condemn anyone who does not adhere to decent behavior. The other has no problem allowing a sexual predator to reside in the Oval Office, electing a child molester to the US Senate, and confirming an alleged rapist to the Supreme Court. One side wants to defend women from sexual assault, while the other mocks them for trying to do the right thing. 

There is one political party in America, and there is one radical faction of neanderthal reactionaries engaging in a vicious war against women. This faction must be stopped, and by all and any means necessary.