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Trump May Have Just Screwed Himself After Mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will decided Brett Kavanaugh's fate, and Trump just angered them by mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
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As Bob Cesca routinely points out in his work here at the Banter, Donald Trump always makes things worse for Donald Trump. And this week, Trump's self destructive tendencies were on full display as he took time at a rally in Mississippi to mock Christine Blasey Ford's testimony at the Senate hearings last week. 

""How did you get home? 'I don't remember'" he joked.

"How'd you get there? 'I don't remember.' Where is the place? 'I don't remember.' How many years ago was it? 'I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.' What neighborhood was it in? 'I don't know.' Where's the house? Upstairs, downstairs, where was it? 'I don't know, but I had one beer, that's the only thing I remember.' And a man's life is in tatters. A man's life is shattered.""

Hysterical stuff that all right wing comedians should take note of. When in doubt, go for the attempted rape victim. This seems to do the trick, particularly when speaking to Trump fans who are provably stupid, ignorant, and racist.

As disgusting as this was however, Trump may have just helped sealed Brett Kavanaugh's fate, and not in a good way. Trump's hilarious routine to his braying audience of bigots has made it political suicide for the three Republicans who could sink Kavanaugh's nomination to vote for him. All three have publicly stated their horror at Trump's remarks. Jeff Flake called the president's remarks "appalling", while Susan Collins called them "just plain wrong". Lisa Murkowski also weighed in saying she thought that "the President's comments yesterday mocking Dr. Ford were wholly inappropriate and in my view unacceptable."

This isn't a guarantee that they will vote against Kavanaugh, but we know that it will almost certainly be a factor in their decision making -- and not a good one. Jeff Flake demanded an FBI investigation after he was accosted in a lift by a survivor of sexual assault, and as Politico reported, "when asked if she would take the president's remarks into consideration when deciding how to vote, Murkowski said, "I am taking everything into account."" 

Well played, Mr. president.