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Lindsey Graham Just Threatened Democratic Nominees With False Accusations

Republicans are spiraling out of control over Kavanaugh's tainted nomination.

If Lindsey Graham is any indication, Senate Republicans are absolutely furious after Dr. Christine Ford gave her testimony on Thursday. Hoping to have a female lawyer discredit her like she was on trial, Dr. Ford instead gave a brutally honest and credible account of what happened the night she was almost raped by Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.

During a break in the hearings, Graham became unhinged when reporters pressed him on the testimony being given:

To my Republican colleagues, if you can ignore everything in this [Kavanaugh's] record, look at an allegation that's 35 years old, that's uncertain in time, place, date, and no corroboration; if that's enough for you, God help us all as Republicans cause this happens to us, it never happens to them.

Except, of course, that's it's not uncorroborated and Graham knows it. Dr. Ford told several people over the years, long before Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court. And students at their respective schools had heard rumors that something had happened. Of course, that's all hearsay and wouldn't be enough to send Kavanaugh to jail but no rational person would claim the events are uncorroborated. It's also more than enough to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court and Republicans know it.

Graham goes on to deliver an ominous warning to the Democrats:

But let me tell you my Democratic friends: If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees.

Here's the clip:

"Watch out?" What does that mean, exactly? That Republicans would dig into their past and dig up dirt on them? They already do that. Always. Every time. There's a reason Obama had his people vetted to within an inch of their life and that was so Republicans wouldn't be able to find a reason to block their confirmation or embarrass Democrats after they were hired.

Meanwhile, Trump and the GOP have done the exact opposite, putting ideology before everything and ending up with a government full of miscreants and sexual predators. Whose fault is that?

The less charitable reading of Graham's threat (and the more likely one) is that he's suggesting that Republicans will fabricate allegations of sexual assault against Democratic nominees in order to scuttle their confirmations. The problem with that is that Democrats will happily let the FBI investigate because unlike Republicans, they'll have already done their due diligence. They won't block the investigation, thus making themselves look guilty as fuck.

The entire scene was humiliating for Graham and Republicans who are clearly unnerved by how credible and persuasive Dr. Ford has been. Even Fox News is admitting Dr. Ford is too credible to dismiss. And apparently, Trump is furious at his aides for not telling him how credible Dr. Ford would appear. If Kavanaugh gives another poor performance, Trump might pull his nomination just to get him away from the cameras.

Republicans may or may not try to ram through Kavanaugh's confirmation anyway but in the process, they're exposing just how weak and out of control they really are. Lindsey Graham is a disgrace and in normal times, he would be censured for uttering such a threat. Now? He's just part of the clown show that is the Republican Party.